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Defected Jinja speaker turns guns against NRM govt, promises political tsunami in 2026

(Last Updated On: 12 January 2024)

Jinja I Former Jinja district council Speaker Michael Musana Nyende has criticized the NRM government under President Yoweri Museveni as being “wasteful” and no longer relevant to solving Uganda’s numerous problems.

Nyende, who recently made a radical shocking move to defect to the opposition NUP, now says his former party no longer has any new idea on how to deliver Ugandans from abject poverty.

The criticism follows the news that celebrations to mark the 38th NRM Anniversary will be held at St. John SS Wakitaka in the northern division, Jinja City. President Yoweri Museveni is expected to preside over as chief guest.

“…this is a mockery of our people; there is nothing for the people of Busoga ranked as one of the poorest regions to celebrate, otherwise as usual NRM officials are coming to feast on taxpayers’ money…,” he fumed.

The 36-year old-pencil-size politician who boasts of owning four certificates obtained from National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi (NALI) where he was trained to be NRM cadre, claims Ugandans have gained nothing in the 38 years that Museveni has been in power.

To justify his move to join NUP, Nyende says he is now part of the change-seeking group that wants to witness a peaceful transition from President Museveni to Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi in 2026.jinja

“…we were born, bred and have become adults since 1986, but we keep seeing Museveni handing over power to himself which is already boring as if we don’t have other competent Ugandans…,” he said.

Nyende who was elected on NRM ticket in 2016 as the Buyengo sub-county councillor to Jinja district council where he became the speaker, says will vie for the Jinja district LC5 chairperson on NUP card in 2026 to compete against the incumbent Moses Batwala who sailed unopposed.

He has promised a political tsunami not only in Jinja but Busoga as a whole, saying this time round Museveni will get less than 20% of votes in the region because of poverty among the people.

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“…for close to 40 years we have been giving you votes, what have we benefited from your government apart from the embarrassing UBOS reports which have become synonymous with poverty….,” Nyende roared.

It should be recalled that NUP’s Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine got more votes in Busoga than Museveni in the 2021 general elections.

Kyagulanyi got 437,059 votes while Museveni obtained 404,862, a difference of 32,197 votes.

Shockingly, in the rural Buyengo sub-county with 36 polling stations, Kyagulanyi, 40, won 34 out of the 36 polling stations, a sharp departure from records where the President always swept votes in nearly all rural polling stations.

Reports in Jinja claim that dozens of wealthy business people who are not comfortable with Batwala have pledged to finance the campaigns of Nyende as a vote of no confidence in NRM leadership.

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