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Why Gen. Otema Awany will vie for MP in 2026

(Last Updated On: 10 January 2024)

Gulu I Lt. General Charles Otema Awany says he’s ‘joining’ politics to unite and eliminate poverty in Acholi sub-region. Acholi is reported to be the second poorest tribe after Karamojong at 68 per cent.

Lt. Gen. Otema, 60, started his mobilization programs in 2023 through inter-village consultations in Gulu City. Since then, he has been commenting on “unity and poverty” while also vowing to prepare himself as the next Member of Parliament for Bardege-Layibi Division.

During an interview with tndNews’ Lil Romeo Okot at Bishop Angelo Negri College playground in Bardege-Layibi Division late last month, the top army officer repeated that his mission is to rescue Acholi people over rampant poverty.

“For over 25 years in northern Uganda, I have been in the war battle between the LRA versus NRA. I fought for Acholi when I was still a private to the rank of Lt. General. We defeated them (LRA),” he said.

He added that his coming into politics is basically to unite Acholi and eliminate poverty.

“The only way to bring back glory, for Acholi to be the richest sub-region, there is a need to tackle factors of production, infrastructure and protecting land, and help local people acquire land certificates and titles.

otema awany

“A thousand vulnerable women in Gulu City are missing their national IDs after giving them to money lenders and have failed to pay back debts, loans or interests. Just shs50, 000 loan interest! These are factors contributing to poverty in Acholi,” he noted.

He also said that cooperative societies are dying due to poor leadership in Acholi, citing misuse of funds sent by the government to facilitate the running of cooperative societies.

“My coming into politics is to link the government projects near and lobby funds to support factors of production in agriculture. With the power of being army General, I will help recruit the willing street kids [Aguu children] to the army and this will create jobs for them.”

The politically ambitious army officer was among thousands of Acholi sons and daughters who participated during the Gure me Pongdwongo held in late December 2023.

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