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Is Alaju dead? What we know so far

(Last Updated On: 10 January 2024)

Kole I The territorial Police in Oyam district and North Kyoga are investigating the suspected drowning of an unidentified person who was discovered dead and floating in Okole swamp in Loro sub-county in Oyam district.

This incident was reported and registered at Loro Police Station by Omodi Kalisita, 63.

It’s alleged that on January 9, 2024, at around 10 am, Omodi had gone fishing in Okole swamp where he came across the body of a dead male human being.

It was floating on the waters. He immediately informed Police at Loro Police Station whose team later visited the scene and retrieved the body from the water.

According to the Police preliminary report, together with some relatives, a woman claimed to be the mother of the deceased identified the corpse as “son Alaju Ceaser, 42”.

The corpse’s claimants are residents of Apelo village, Bala sub-county in Kole district. Their son, Alaju – who is widely reported as dead and alive at the same time has gone missing for two days now.

A report about his missing was registered at Agege Police Post in Kole district.

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After the body was conveyed to Anyeke Health Center IV for postmortem and management as investigations continue, it was handed over to the deceased relative, Adok Anna on Monday at midnight.alaju

Adok, using an ambulance delivered the wrapped corpse home in Apelo village. Shockingly, as narrated by SP Jimmy Patrick Okema, the North Kyoga Region PRO, it was found that the corpse was not that of Alaju.

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“Now, as Police, we were not aware that the body was picked from the mortuary. Therefore, we have picked the mortuary attendant to make a statement and also Adok Anna who received the body on behalf of the family members to make statements to ascertain circumstances under which the body which was under investigation was released and received by a family member without the notice of the police,” added Okema.

SP Okema described the Alaju death saga as a “very controversial matter”.

“We call for calmness from the relatives of the deceased and members of the public. However, we advised the sisters of Alaju Ceaser who claimed their brother sent them a message that he’s alive to quickly share that information with the Police to support investigations.”

Alaju contested for Kole district LC5 chairmanship in the 2021 general elections on the UPC ticket. He lost that election. Since then, one of his friends, speaking on condition of anonymity, says he has been living as a very “traumatized man.”

By Arao Denis

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