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RDC Eseru Paul recognized Pakwach district leader of 2023

(Last Updated On: 9 January 2024)

Pakwach I The Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Pakwach was voted District Leader of 2023 by Mwa Forum and the people of Jonam. This is an annual award given to an outstanding leader in the district.

In his acceptance speech, RDC Paul Eseru said, “I am more than honoured to have received this award from our People of Pakwach. It means too much to me and I am truly grateful.”

“This recognition inspires and motivates me to continue having the highest level of dedication in this Job. God, you are so merciful to me,” the RDC added.

While handing over the award on behalf of Pakwach Mwa Forum and the people of Jonam, Ocama Moses, chairman of Pakwach Mwa Community said, “With deep gratitude, I feel privileged to have been given the assignment to hand over to you Mr RDC, President of Pakwach District this award as the overall Best District Leader for the calendar year 2023.”

Eseru with his 2023 Award.

“This award is a reflection of the huge impact of your selfless dedication and stewardship to see NRM government achieve its commitment/manifestos to the people of Jonam/Pakwach District,” he added.

Ocama said the turnaround in the fortunes of the district ever since Eseru came to office has been self-evident as we have seen Pakwach district continue to steadily improve in terms of ranking in performance in the country.

“The community of Jonam is much alive to these facts and that explains why you couldn’t escape their notice. The security of the district has improved. Thank you.”

eseruFurther speaking on behalf of the community, the chairperson said the RDC’s steadfast commitment to all these is really incredible and we would wish to see more progress in health, citing the ongoing construction of health centres in the district, education and production sectors including Wadelai irrigation schemes, implementation of PDM, Emyoonga; tourism, works and infrastructural projects.

“In a nutshell, we request you to uphold the standards and continue your commitment and dedication to serving the people of Jonam,” Ocama said those leaders who are relaxing should emulate RDC Eseru’s charisma.

In the same year, he was also recognized by ActionAid in partnership with Transparency International, Ford Foundation and others for his role in service delivery and the fight against corruption, promoting integrity for a corruption-free and sustainable society.

Eseru started from Lira City as the Deputy RCC before he was posted to Pakwach as a full RDC. In Lira, he has left a positive mark, some say.

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