Heartless ‘Apac man’ who hacked wife to death at large

(Last Updated On: 8 January 2024)

Apac | The Police in Apac district are hunting for a suspected man who hacked his wife using a panga to death.

Heza Hassan, a resident of Acholi-in village, Kungu parish in Akokoro sub-county in Apac district is on the run on an allegation of cutting his wife to death.

His alleged crime was reported by Aguzigwe Patrick, 49. The reporter, SP Okema Jimmy, North Kyoga Region PRO said is the LC 1 chairperson of Acholi-in village, Kungu parish in Apac district.

It’s alleged that Similimana Santare, 30,(deceased) met the husband (suspect) in Arua with whom they have two children: a boy and a girl.

From Arua, they then moved to Apaa land (Amuru). But when people (squatters) were chased from Apaa, they moved to Acholi-in village in Apac district where they stayed for a shorter time.

They developed a misunderstanding that prompted the local leaders to temporarily separate them, according to an explanation by SP Okema. After some time, Heza followed his wife and they reconciled.

On January 5, 2024, at about 3 pm, the suspect asked his wife together with their son to go with him to cut trees for making charcoal. On reaching the bush, he told them that they were under hostage, he pulled out his panga and started cutting his wife.

Immediately, the son escaped and went to inform the people around. On return, they found the woman lying in a pool of blood and the man had escaped. An attempt to hurry her to the nearby health centre for medical care was successful. Unfortunately, she died on arrival.

A case of murder was registered at Apac Police Station, the scene was visited by the DPC Apac and his team of detectives from homicide including Scene of Crime Officers, Okema said.

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“… the scene was well documented,” PRO added, revealing that the detectives later proceeded to where the pair were staying to search for possible evidence which could help Police with investigations.

Postmortem has been conducted and the body is handed over to the relatives for burial. “Inquiries still on, the suspect is on the run.”

The North Kyoga Region Police termed the crime an “unfortunate incident”. “We advise the suspect to report himself to the nearest Police station or anyone who could have known his whereabouts to inform Police for arrest and prosecution.”

By Arao Denis

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