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Kole North MP Acuti’s report since he joined House in 2021

(Last Updated On: 6 January 2024)

Kole I One of the most hardworking Members of Parliament in Lango Sub-region continue to impress the sub-region besides doing his Legislative duties for less than a term (5 years). 

Dr Samuel Opio Acuti (Kole North MP) on an Independent ticket has accounted for the times he has been in the 11th Parliament, reporting on each initiative (projects) he has initiated and the costs of investments in the constituency.

He has also published a list of the government programs he lobbied and brought to Kole North. Also, the Secretary General of Lango Parliamentary Group, Dr Opio has been revered as one of the most active Lango MPs.

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“It is now two and a half years since I took oath as the Member of Parliament for Kole North County, Kole District, Lango Sub-region. During the campaigns, I informed the electorate of my manifesto of ‘Dongo lobo kede lonyo pacu’ (Constituency development and wealth creation). I am glad that through the different interventions that I have undertaken channelled through the different government programmes, private sector efforts and various initiatives from my office, a lot of lobbying was done, meetings held, ideas exchanged, and resources mobilized to get to this level both individually and jointly,” MP Acuti said.

“The next two and a half years will focus on consolidating the foundations built under the different sectors to ensure their success, sustainability and service to the people of Kole North Constituency,” he added.

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He supported 33 mental health medical camps by Mental Health Uganda in which 14 categories of mental illnesses, he said, were managed.

MP Opio opened up seven skilling centres now offering tailoring, carpentry, hairdressing, motorcycle mechanic and building courses.

Below is the summary of the Mid-term Performance Report: May 2021-December 2023. Theme: Dongo lobo kede Lonyo pacu (Development and Wealth Creation)

Positions held

  • Secretary General, Lango Parliamentary Group
  • Deputy Chair, Health Committee
  • Chair, Kole District Roads Committee
  • Delegate to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, Brussels.

Executive Summary

  • Lobbied government, private and non – governmental sector individually and jointly for projects worth over shs10 billion in health, roads, telecom networks, electricity, education, agriculture sector among others.
  • Successfully, petitioned on the floor of Parliament the delayed payment of terminal benefits of EAC employees with expected shs20 billion payout. A new law, the EAC Mediation agreement bill currently being drafted arising from this petition.

Education: 634 youth Skilled in Tailoring, Carpentry, Building, Hairdressing and Motorcycle mechanics,448 examined by DIT Ministry of Education, 121 have opened their workshops. One twin staff house constructed.

Health: 511 Ambulance trips from the 3 MP donated ambulances, 33 mental health camps, and 2 health centre III constructions ongoing.

Agriculture: 235 farmer groups supported with seeds, shs118million paid out under crop insurance, chili pilot project successfully completed with 30 farmers and ready to scale up to 1,000 farmers.

Roads: 33 swamp crossings worked on, 100km of roads made motorable.

Water: 40 boreholes repaired, working with the District to formalize agreement with a water NGO ready to rehabilitate 100 boreholes for 15 years!

Sports: 330 sets of soccer uniforms Distributed to 22 parish teams.

Network: 4 telecom masts installed improving network in over 150 villages.

Plenary: 102 submissions made on the floor of Parliament on roads, high school fees, health, Akii Bua stadium among others.

Church support: 108 churches supported.

Funerals: 393 families supported

Electricity: Electricity lines extended to 45 villages.

Community engagements: 95 engagements made with the community in 27 parishes.

Specific achievements (highlights)


  • Three ambulances donated one for each sub-county.
  • 511 ambulance trips made for accidents, maternal emergencies, diagnostic and funeral arrangements.
  • Supported 33 mental health medical camps by Mental Health Uganda in which 14 categories of mental illness were managed.
  • Distributed 30 maternity beds to Okwerodot, Ayara HCIII and Aboke HCIV.
  • One constituency ambulance secured from Ministry of Health for Kole North.
  • One new health III under construction in Okwerodot Sub-county and Ayara HCII under upgrade to HCIII. Works ongoing
  • Participated including leading oversight visits to over 50 health facilities.


  • Opened up 7 skilling centres offering Tailoring, Carpentry, Hairdressing, Motorcycle mechanics and Building and construction courses.
  • Skilled 634 youth across the three sub-counties of Alito, Aboke and Okwerodot and 2 Town councils of Aboke and Alito.
  • 448 students sat DIT exams by Ministry of Education on 6th December 2023 and awaiting graduation.
  • 121 youth have opened their own workshops
  • Constructed a twin staff house for Alito Primary School.
  • Lobbied for 232 iron sheets from office of the Prime Minister for Apedi Primary school whose roof was blown out by heavy rains.
  • Lobbied jointly with the woman MP Kole for 100 iron sheets for Aboke High School whose roofs were blown out by heavy winds.
  • Raised on the floor of Parliament issues of high school fees calling for government intervention.
  • Made follow up on the compensation for the Aculbanya secondary school bus which was taken during the LRA insurgency. Progress made and awaiting funding to process it.


  • As Lango Parliamentary Group (LPG) jointly lobbied for the reconstruction of Lira-Kamdini road and construction Rwenkunye -Apac-Lira-Puranga road that had stalled.
  • As LPG jointly lobbied for the construction of Corner Ayer-Corner Aboke -Iceme-Bobi road. The redesign of the road is ongoing. Contractor has been identified.
  • As LPG and individually raised on the floor of Parliament a call for shs1 billion to be given per District for road maintenance which was successful.
  • Worked on 33 swamp crossings improving connectivity to markets, schools and health facilities.
  • Lobbied for shs60m from Uganda Road Fund for emergency works on the 15km Alake-Anekapiri road.
  • Lobbied for culverts for Kole District from Ministry of Works which is currently awaiting final approval and collection
  • As chair Kole District Roads Committee, I oversaw improvements in regularizing meetings, road inspections and oversight, planning, resources and fund utilization and execution of road works making more than 100km of roads motorable.
  • Graded 2 roads, one from Ajokawelo to Adellogo Primary school, Acar Road via Obuto, Lwala to Abongjok parish.
  • Initiated the Dr Samuel Opio Acuti Kenwa Road Maintenance Unit which has so far provided manual maintenance using hand tools on several key roads including pothole filling, drainage improvement, off shoot creation, among others.


  • Jointly lobbied as Lango, Acholi and West Nile MPs for 1 big tractor and 11 walking tractors for each town council and sub-county in Kole District.
  • Distributed a total of 8 tonnes of seeds to 238 farmer groups.
  • Piloted a chili project with 30 farmers which has been successful and expected to roll out to another 1000 farmers.
  • Introduced crop insurance scheme for farmers. Shs118m so far paid out and an additional shs240m to be paid.


  • In 2019, filed a petition with 5,000 signatures calling for extension of power to unnerved areas in Kole North.
  • In response, the government of Uganda  extended 30km of power lines directly to 45 villages in Kole North and two sub-county headquarters of Alito and Aboke. Line installation complete and awaiting commissioning.
  • 646 persons already received compensation amounting to shs409.55m.
  • Ministry of Energy has undertaken survey for phase 2 of power line extensions in Kole North.

Mast and booster installation for network improvement

  • Engaged Telecommunication companies on poor network in areas in Kole North which was all relying on one (1) mast.
  • Four new masts installed in Opeta, Aboke Ginnery, Abongdero and Anekapiri trading centres in 2021 and 2022 improving network in over 150 villages.
  • Plan for additional masts in 2024 in progress.
  • Premises with mast installation receiving annual ground rent of between shs3m to shs5m per year.

Sports Development

  • Organized a Christmas cup for all the 27 parishes drawing 135 teams and 141 matches were played.
  • Distributed more than 30 balls to different football clubs.
  • Distributed 450 soccer uniforms to 30 best parish clubs in 27 parishes.

Church support

  • Supported 108 churches with construction materials and finances.
  • 40 Anglican churches supported
  • 43 Catholic churches supported
  • 24 Pentecostal churches supported.
  • One Mosque supported
  • Lobbied for 140 iron sheets for churches

Funeral support

  • 393 funerals supported in 27 parishes.
  • Major causes of death recorded were diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, malaria, diabetes; murders, maternal causes and road accidents.
  • Interventions being profiled to reduce the preventable deaths.


  • 40 boreholes repaired
  • 17 boreholes in Alito
  • 15 boreholes in Aboke
  • 8 boreholes in Okwerodot
  • Engaged the District on low water coverage in sections of Kole North and additional boreholes drilled through the District initiatives.
  • Working with the District to formalize engagements with a Water NGO, offering to rehabilitation 100 boreholes for 15 years.

Parliament Plenary performance (Legislation, Budgeting and Representation)

  • Made 102 submissions on the floor of Parliament
  • Key submissions made calling for shs1 billion for maintenance of District roads.
  • Low releases of road maintenance funds, high costs of tarmac road construction, Regulation of school fees and high school charges
  • Akii Bua stadium construction.
  • Livestock compensation for war claimants.
  • Delayed payment for former employees of East Africa Community.
  • Funding for Mulago hospital, funding for missionary hospitals
  • Call upon Uganda not to sign the EU agreement which has homosexuality provisions, among others.

Community engagements/Representation

  • 95 community engagements held to update the community on various works and receive feedback.
  • 30 engagements held in Aboke Sub-county/Town Council
  • 25 engagements held in Okwerodot Sub-county
  • 40 engagements held in Alito Sub-county/Town Council

Oversight on Livelihood programmes

  • Carried out oversight on Emyooga in Kole North’s SACCOS. Uncovered shs131m missing from 16 SACCO accounts. Report made on the floor of Parliament.
  • Carried out oversight on UWEP (Uganda Women Empowerment Group).Uncovered several irregularities of reduced payments to beneficiaries and access by unauthorized persons (men) to UWEP funds. Matter currently under police investigations.
  • Carried oversight on PDM. Established cases of unauthorized bank withdrawals, reduced payments to beneficiaries to as low as shs300, 000 and unexplained delays in payments. Jointly with Kole South MP, petitioned the Minister of Local Government who gave a two weeks directive for payments to be made.
  • Carrying out oversight on road costs in Kole to improve fund utilization and road coverage.

EAC payments for former employees and Livestock compensation

  • Petitioned Parliament on the delayed payment of terminal benefits of an estimated 10,000 former employees of the East Africa Community.
  • Inquiry done by committee of East African affairs, report presented and adopted on the floor of Parliament with recommendations to pay outstanding claimants.
  • A new law, the EAC Mediation Agreement Bill being drafted to facilitate payment of the beneficiaries.
  • Expected EAC payments to exceed shs20 billion.
  • As LPG, together with Acholi and Teso Parliamentary Groups engaged the government on cattle compensation. Shs 50 billion paid out in financial year 21/22
  • Shs80 billion budgeted in financial year 23/24 with shs34 billion so far released.
  • 1,249 claimants paid so far in Kole District.

Additional Reporting by Arao Denis

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