Ntoroko soldiers

Identities of soldiers killed in Ntoroko helicopter crash revealed

(Last Updated On: 4 January 2024)

Kampala I Two UPDF soldiers died on January 2, 2024, after their airforce helicopter gunship had a fatal crash in Ntoroko district in the afternoon. 

A statement released by Defence Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Felix Kulyaigye said the crew and a civilian on whose house the helicopter crashed all died.

“Experts shall investigate details of the accident. Identities of the crew shall be made available after informing the next of kin,” Big Kulayigye added.

“The crew died heroes as they participated in the struggle to pacify our western frontier of the dreadful ADF terrorists,” he concluded.

In 2023, a UPDF helicopter crash landed in Karamoja and no casualties were recorded.

On Thursday, January 4, Deputy Defence spokesperson, Col. Deo Akiiki revealed the identities of the victims to the press.

These include 2nd Lt. Tukamuhabwe Allan Kapando and Sadiq Aroma.

Another victim whose identity was made separately is John Mukidi (civilian) of Nyamisigiri village, Ntoroko district on whose house the helicopter smashed and killed him.

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