2024, the year Museveni might leave the presidency – writes Odaka 

(Last Updated On: 1 January 2024)

Tororo | Salutations country Ladies and gentlemen! Happy 2024, the year of Freedom. 

We are less than one hour away from 2023 in 2024. I must confess that it was intentional to avoid posting this in 2023 because I wanted it to end. I know many of you wanted it to end anyway just like me.

According to the Ugandan weather forecast by the meteorologists, 2023 was likely to end with rain showers. I know it ended with rain in some parts of the country although my part of the country remained dry but cloudy all day.

In the Luo culture which I am more conversant with, rain washes away the bad, as it ushers in blessings and the new good. It dispenses away injustices in an era, it’s a breather of new life and hope.

The inner voice is untiringly promising a new age, a new regime cleaning away dealership of (mis)leaders, washing away the corruption of our government officials, brutalities of some individuals within our security agencies, misrule of our rulers, greed of our political class and the dishonesty of our friends.

There is every evidence that God is going to put Uganda right in 2024. I see 2024 as a year Ugandans are going to celebrate final liberation, freedom and self-liberation. Uganda shall be free in 2024.


It’s a deep-rooted signal that 2024 is a don of a new era. I am optimistic about the year ahead. But this will not come at no cost. We shall need to fold our sleeves and dirty our hands immensely, shout our voices, horse sometimes and travel across the country slightly more than we have done.

We shall make our voices heard against injustices and misgovernance, everyone must ensure she multiplies the message of liberation and firmly pronounces N.E.E.D to its fullest with all its imagined details.

Three things will make us better in 2024:

1. Unity of all positive forces.

2. Concerted action and;

3. Determination of us as one.

Unity creates a purposeful redirection of our forces, action will solve a problematic puzzle and determination will drive us there.

This will guide and guard us from the bad guys within, after all, sugar and salt may be mixed but ants reject the salt and carry the sugar.

Select the right associates in this new life to make your life better and sweeter for the self-liberation and emancipation of our beloved country.

Yes, as a country, many have betrayed the cause, others, because of your determination and dedication towards the cause will call you very discouraging names, slowing the process but that doesn’t mean we have failed.

In any case, we must only change our ways, not our core and ultimate objective because even trees, when beaten by weather, will change their leaves and not their roots.

We must also avoid picking up every fight with whoever isn’t in our specific camp. You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks. Some fights are intentionally started because either you don’t understand the vision or mission: can’t copy with the speed or think you’re out-competing them.

Do you know that you can’t control haters? I swear that haters will see you walking on water but will still say it’s because you can not swim.

Even if you dance in the mad, your enemies will accuse you of raising dust on their faces. So make it your ambition to live a focused 2024, mind your own business and focus on liberation and rebuilding a post-Museveni Uganda.

Our country is at a critical moment trying to agree on who will lead this liberation task.

Evidence is that this (mid) government collapsed a long time ago, all we lacked was who led the people in picking up the pieces and putting it back together.

I thank all those who despite the risk, tried to steer us towards liberation. The late Dr. P.K Ssemogerere, Dr. Kiiza W.K Besigye, Dr. M.K Kibirige, Hon. Hussein Kyanjo, Hon. Dr. Miria Matembe, Hon. Proscovia Salaam Musumba, Dr Omar Kalinge, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

You have laid bare the despotic ambitions, undressed them to the core, no longer need legitimacy, have no shame and are ready to do all the unthinkable as divine fate is matching it out.

But proper framework coupled with international pressure, the state of the economy, the fatigue of their leader and the preparedness of our change-seeking teams to confront the dictatorship, you will realise how vulnerable it has all along been. The more he gets threatened, the more he’s exposed.

Of Course, the more vicious, brutal and murderous the system will also turn. But that is when to know that the last push is urgently needed.

I wish you a Joyous and Happy 2024 a year that God has chosen for Uganda as a year of freedom and Liberation.

The writer is the Secretary General of the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED).


WhatsApp:+256753195384 | Twitter/X: @odakaa

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