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Catholic women affirm support for Lira City Woman MP Jane Aceng

(Last Updated On: 30 December 2023)

Lira I A group of catholic women leaders under their umbrella of “Women Guild” have affirmed their continuous support to Lira City Woman MP, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero.

The catholic leaders – in their hundreds – represented thousands of catholic women in Lira Diocese during their visit to the political leader.

In a get-together held on Wednesday, December 28 at the MP’s residence in Ireda, Lira City East, Dr Aceng said she was happy to host her visitors.

The women leaders were from Ngetta, Ober, Erute, Anai; Boroboro and Lira Cathedral parishes. Some of them came from Aloi parish and later solidly agreed to offer continued support to their incumbent Legislator.

Dr Aceng is using the festive holiday to host her supporters, including campaign and media teams. She has also in the same week hosted a section of the business community in Lira City.

The country’s health minister, Dr Aceng’s top priorities are health for all, women and youth empowerment, and lobbying for development for her people, among others.

Why is Dr Aceng a leader to trust? High Commissioner Emeritus to London, Ambassador Julius Peter Moto was among those the Woman MP hosted at her residence. This is what he told tndNews on Saturday:

“I was invited to meet Minister of Health Dr Jane Acheng Ochero, Woman MP, Lira City 2021 – 2026, at her residence in Ireda Lumumba. I support Dr. Jane as an incumbent cadre and MP in NRM.

Lira city
Amb Moto and Dr Aceng. Courtesy photo.

“Dr Jane has ensured that health investments are included in the health sector strategic plan as a social good for the benefit of all Ugandans. Within a span of 3½ years, she has ably represented the people of Lira City as recorded by the Parliament of Uganda, where she is among the top 100 contributors in Debates on national importance.

“Within Lira City and the entire Lango nation, she is credited for new health centres, new hospitals, and their associated manpower and equipment.

“The recent deliveries of 8 ambulances and surgical camps in Lango, where over 400 patients from Lango were operated under her leadership was another stamp of confidence for her service delivery.

“Lango people are advocating for the same annually. I shall back her again in her re-election bid for 2026 – 2031.”

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