BIZ Cyber security specialists offer businesses seasonal tips for a Silent Night with their IT

Follow these Christmas and New Year holiday security tips 

(Last Updated On: 23 December 2023)

The holiday season brings joy and celebration, but it also presents opportunities for increased crime. 

Therefore, it is necessary to be mindful of safety and maintain heightened security alertness during this time. Here are a few security measures to consider:

Home security

Consider the use of motion sensor lights, IP CCTV cameras, electric fences, trained dogs, a neighbourhood watch group, and leveraging the Yunga rescue digital network.

Transportation Safety

Given the rising incidents of thefts by boda-boda riders (motorcycles), avoid carrying valuables and original documents, especially during nighttime travels.

Opt for systematic and digitised services such as Safe and Uber boda, offering easy tracking in the event of a security incident. Don’t drink and drive, if you must, get an Uber and be watchful /stay clear of seemingly drunken drivers.

Shopping security

Cross-check that online shops are credible and have secure payment options. If you are in the habit of placing phones or bags in the shopping cart, don’t leave it unattended, especially in large malls and supermarkets.

Online safety

Hold off posting your holiday content in real-time to avoid trailing by potential criminals. For everyone, but especially females, be cautious about the potential risks of social media posts, such as doxing, trolling, and online gender-based violence.

Consider safety measures like blocking and reporting bullies. Additionally, explore features on apps that allow you to limit who can view your content, providing an extra layer of security.

Uganda Police Emergency Numbers

Keep these and other personal or professional contacts handy during the holiday season.

Police Toll-Free Numbers:

 0800 300 102, 0800 122 291                           0800 996 999, 0800 999 399

Toll-Free National         

Emergency Call Centre: 999/112

Police Counter Numbers: 0776 999 141, 0707 600774

Police Kidnap Desk: 0800 199 991, 0800 199 992

Gender-Based Violence Desk: 0800 199 195

Social Media WhatsApp Desk: 0779 999 999

Safety should always be a priority, regardless of the occasion.

This was brought to you in association with Defenders Protection Initiative, Plot 21 Commercial Road, Naguru, Kampala

Email: | +256 (0)39 2201102.


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