UPC finalizing on its national program – Akena 

(Last Updated On: 21 December 2023)

Kampala I As the party mobilizes and recruits new members, it is most important that they are transformed into well-trained cadres, says UPC party President Jimmy Akena. 

Akena, also the Lira City East MP, delivered his end-of-year message on Wednesday from the UPC Headquarters in Kampala. He said they have re-established the UPC Ideology School which is tasked with teaching the history of the party and its ideology, beliefs, core values, policies and programmes, with a special focus on youths who have been recruited to join the party and need mentorship. 

“I want to commend all partners who have and continue to supplement this mentorship and training role.

“At the leadership level, we are finalizing the UPC National Program which includes streamlining of our membership and renewal of party structures, thereby creating an opportunity for members to participate in framing the destiny of the party and country. 

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“I encourage all potential members to show up, be active in their respective branches and offer themselves for various elective positions. This call is intended to push the Party to another level as we strive to determine the destiny of our country, Uganda.

“I must also encourage members to continue mobilizing and be on standby for the long-awaited LC I, II and Women Councils Elections so that we are ready by the time the Independent Electoral Commission releases its roadmap.

“It should also be recalled that on October 16, 2023, during my press conference, I did inform the entire membership that we will soon be calling on members of the National Council to prepare to deliberate and set into motion clear activities for the 2026 elections, members shall be informed accordingly.”

He added: “I have been on record, and I want to reiterate that the single most valuable asset which Uganda has is her people whose welfare should be our greatest priority. That being the case, the people’s health, education and livelihood programs must underpin all infrastructural development, which is now to the contrary when our roads are in poor shape with potholes developing here and there, bridges breaking down while some caving in and a major recipe for trade bottlenecks as well as safety concerns for the citizens!”

Read his full statement here.

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