US senator and Mugeni

U.S.’ Libby Larson replies Mugeni in quest to have Visa ban on Ugandan officials widened

Kampala I Ugandan activist living in the United States of America has received a reply after writing to the top American Senator asking her and the Joe Biden administration to look at the possibility of widening the Visa ban on some senior officials back home.

On December 5, the U.S. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, amended the Visa ban for Uganda government officials who have been participating in human rights violations, torture, interfering with the 2021 general elections, and taking part in the Anti-Homosexuality Law, among other crimes.

After that decision, James William Mugeni – a Ugandan currently living in the U.S., told tndNews the ban was inconsequential.

“It (Visa ban) is a false sense of security.  How do you ban people who don’t travel? Even if they travelled, what business do they do with the US?” The US-based activist and critic of the Kampala administration said on December 5.

“Pouring funds in proxy war into DRC, Somalia is the thing that must be stopped. The USA is guilty of developing a powerful army in Uganda. If they are not fighting in Congo, they are harassing Ugandans.

The U.S., Mugeni, said originally branded terrorism and sold it to Uganda and Uganda remains yoked to them just by that.

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Soon after the new Visa ban was announced by the Secretary of State, Mugeni reached out to the U.S. Senator, Joni Ernst. He would later be replied.

“Thank you very much for reaching out to Senator Ernst regarding Visa restrictions. I am hoping to get some more information from you about the situation and how you are hoping that our office can assist…

“…if you would rather speak about this on the phone please let me know a time you are available to do so,” Libby Larson, Constituent Service Representative, Office of Senator Joni Ernst, replied.

Speaking to tndNews on December 21, Mugeni spoke of his decision to go further. “I decided to visit the House with a formal protest. Corruption! All the funds that sustain Uganda/US programs need revisiting. We do not benefit from that money and we cannot hold government accountable.

“The donor of the fund should consider asking for accountability besides Visa restrictions. A huge task placed on me as an individual, but I will reach out to Ugandans. I am only better placed to voice out our concerns but I need feeding in from Ugandans.”

On the issues of corruption where the IGG confessed to Ugandans that shs10t is lost to corruption every year, Mugeni said this includes donor funds, adding, “We the citizens are held at gunpoint for asking for accountability.”

“The U.S. can only be kind if they hold Uganda accountable for the funds they always dish to the country.”

According to Mugeni, much as the U.S. Mission Uganda is a diplomatic mission, “they should not be blind to being defrauded”.

At least 348 Ugandan MPs are facing the U.S. Visa restrictions, including Speaker Anita Among. Meanwhile, Anita has hit back, telling the United States of America there’s nothing she needs from there.

Her “trip” to Bukedia is always guaranteed and she needs no Visa to get there, she said.

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