Prof. Obua Celestino wants Lango to boost science education  

(Last Updated On: 19 December 2023)

Lira I The Vice Chancellor of Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) – Prof. Celestino Obua has called for actions to boost science education in Lango sub-region and nationwide.

Prof. Obua who doubles as the Chairperson of Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), made the call on December 16, while in Lira City for an educational event organized by St. Gracious Boarding Primary School.

The UNEB chairperson was the guest of honour and officially opened offices at the same school.

He appreciated President Yoweri Museveni and his government for encouraging Ugandan investors to invest in education.

The MUST VC cited schools like Dr Obote College Boroboro, Lango College and Comboni College for failing to send more science students to different universities across the country.

Lira City Education Officer, Jasper Abura encouraged pupils and students in different institutions to concentrate on their studies. He says the world is not increasing but the numbers of people are increasing every day.

Abura claims that Lira City will shine in the 2023 PLE results, appealing to parents to concrete on the education of their children.

Leo Elem of St Gracious Boarding Primary School told parents to value where they take their children for education.

Elem is not happy with some parents who, in his words, “transport” their children away to other parts of the country.

In Lango sub-region, private schools frequently perform better compared to government schools – from primary to secondary.

By Arao Denis

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