Of shs288b allocated in fy2024/5, IGG seeks extra shs1b to conduct survey

(Last Updated On: 19 December 2023)

Kampala | The Inspectorate of Government (IGG) has been allocated shs288.537 billion in the financial year 2024/2025 for anti-corruption and accountability activities.

However, the IGG is seeking for additional shs1.5 billion to conduct what it describes “National Integrity Survey”.

During the survey, the Inspectorate will seek public opinions and perception on corruption in Uganda.

A recent report by the IGG, released by its head Betty Kamya, indicates that Uganda loses shs10 trillion annually to corruption.

Every day, shs1 million is lost in the same vice per hour, per same report.

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Many have described corruption in Uganda as “grand, acute and well-connected scheme” and that fighting it needs more than talks.

Some Units have been created under the State House to fight the vice. Dozens of suspects, especially those from lower administrative units, and “a handful” from the Office of the Prime Minister have been tried. Some are sentenced to prison.

As reported by Parliament Watch, “further scrutiny into the budget projections” indicates that in the coming years, the government will increase funding in the fight against corruption and accountability.

Shs349.477 billion has already been earmarked for 2025/26, shs440.179 billion in 2026/27; shs506.513 billion in 2027/28 and shs570.630 billion in 2028/29.

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