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Pope Francis’ message during prayers as Lango elects new Won Nyaci 


  • The Pontiff asked Lango to be an instrument of unity and peace and to overcome hatred. 

Lira | During a reconciliation prayer for peace held on Friday, December 15 at Margarita Palace Hotel in Lira City, Pope Francis’ message was communicated.

In his message shared by the Bishop of Lira Diocese, Sanctus Lino Wanok, the Pontiff asked Lango people to be an instrument of unity and peace in establishing cordial relationships with our environment. 

By doing so, he says, it will contribute to overcoming hatred and opposition that would divide the great human family.

The message was, however, specific to Lango cultural leaders (owitong) and religious leaders.

Part of the letter said to be written by Pope Francis.

While preaching, the Bishop Emeritus of All Nation, Tom Armbhim Okello, warned against segregation between Lango leaders if Lango wanted to achieve more developments. 

He asked the tribe to leave out hatred in their lives.

The Vice Chairperson of ARLPI, Sheikh Musa Khalil, also an assistant  to Mufti, Northern Uganda encouraged the new leaders who will take over the office next year to fight for the rights of the people.

As Lango expects a new Won Nyaci next year, Bishop Wanok has asked Lango Cultural leaders to be united. 

Not too long ago, Won Nyaci of Lango Yosam Odur disbanded a team instituted to manage the election of his successor, issuing new directives to Owitong. 

By Arao Denis


One thought on “Pope Francis’ message during prayers as Lango elects new Won Nyaci 

  1. Segregation has roots, established and deal with it……to me the prayers sounds like lamentation. Nonetheless, the Lord God reigns forever and to us are meant to overcome all that comes from the root of the evil one.
    James Otim.

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