West Nile districts launch climate mitigation campaign

(Last Updated On: 17 December 2023)

Terego | Three districts in the West Nile sub-region have launched a campaign to mitigate climate change and recover the degraded environment within the region.

The campaign dubbed “Climate Education or School and Community Greening Advocacy Caravan” is being implemented by Oxfam Uganda in the districts of Terego, Madi-Okollo and Yumbe.

According to Festus Ayikobua, the RDC of Terego, the district is doing it in collaboration with Oxfam Uganda.

“We all know that we cannot run away from using charcoal and other forest products but it is our all responsibility to green our environment,” Ayikobua said.

Ayikobua further said that climate change is real and that the greening campaign seeks to help mitigate climate change and recover the environmental degradation in the region.

“For a sustainable future, we need to engage education institutions, community and other local leadership in the climate change adaptation and mitigation initiative because these stakeholders play a crucial role in the mitigation of climate change,” RDC Ayikobua added.

However, Patrick Kaboyo, a technical advisor – Education Advocacy Network at Oxfam Uganda, said that the caravan (greening campaign) will focus on delivering climate justice to vocational training institutions and also to communities to green their environment.

According to Kaboyo, the campaign which is running in three districts will continue to ensure that the youth and communities participate in conserving their environment.

“The greening campaign is about climate justice and also ensuring that the youth and communities participate in conserving their own environment. The target is youth in vocational schools, their parents, community members and the district leaders who should process their issues and interests through councils,” Kaboyo noted.

Cosmas Ocatre, the Madi-Okollo District Environment Officer said that the greening campaign has come at the right time because climate change is biting and there is a need for collective efforts.

Ocatre added that the district has done sensitization of communities in regard to the adverse effects of climate change and how the communities can join the fight to mitigate climate change.

“We are sensitizing the community and Oxfam Uganda has given out 100 fruit trees to the three districts in West Nile for the start. We have selected also three fruit communities and given hass avocado, mango, jack fruit and guava trees,” he said.

Samson Andebo, the Principal of Lodonga Vocational Institute welcomed the initiative and said that as an institute, they are looking forward to supporting the greening campaign.

Andebo noted it is a crucial time to involve the youth especially those in the different institutions since they will go back to the community and involve their parents and guardians.

“This is a good initiative that we have been involved in and I pray we continue with supporting the youth at the institutional levels since they all join their communities and sensitize them,” added Andebo.

In 2010, Madi-Okollo district had 28.5 Kha of tree cover, extending over 14 per cent of its land area. In 2022, it lost 19 hectares of tree cover, equivalent to 7.10 kt of carbon emissions.

However, in 2021, a study by Makerere University revealed that the rising impacts of extreme weather events caused by climate change on agricultural systems have generated a lot of rich literature on farmers’ behaviour in the last few years.

According to the report, the West Nile sub-region experiences a prevalent and pronounced lack of climate change resilience and food insecurity yet most of the households in the sub-region are predominantly agrarian.


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