Lira City DPC

SP Abel Ruganza is the new DPC, Lira City

Lira | SP Joseph Bakaleke has been transferred to Kabale district as the new  District Police Commander (DPC). 

He has been replaced with SP Abel Ruganza. The new Lira City Police commander has pledged to “win” the trust of the public in the City.

He further vowed to restore the image of the Police Force and urged locals to support the Police in the execution of their constitutional mandate.

While handing over the office, Bakaleke encouraged “his brother” Abel Ruganza to concentrate on Police guidelines, saying transfers are normal in government.

He also appreciated the good relationship between the business community and the security team under the Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Lawrence Egole.

Bakaleke told his successor to streamline his work first on street children.

Meanwhile, the North Kyoga Region Police spokesperson, SP Jimmy Patrick Okema who was present during the handover, thanked both division commanders for the good work that they are doing to move Lira City forward.

He appeals to the general public to always inform the Police if there’s any insecurity within the region.

By Arao Denis

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