tndQuestions I One-on-One with Lango’s ONC Coordinator Prossy Langol 

(Last Updated On: 8 December 2023)

Lira I This week, the head of tndQuestions, Milton Emmy Akwam sat down with the ONC Coordinator for Lango Sub-region and a wide range of issues were discussed. Below are detailed excerpts. 

Prossy, welcome to tndQuestions. Quickly let us know who you are and your key responsibilities at the ONC Lango sub-region branch.

Thank you so much tndNews. I am Langol Prossy, commonly known by my friends as Lamooyaa. I extend warm greetings on behalf of the ONC Lango sub-region and our esteemed leader, Hajjat Hadijja Namyalo, Head of Office of the National Chairman. As the ONC Regional Coordinator of Lango Sub-region, I oversee and coordinate various responsibilities to ensure the effective implementation of the NRM national chairman’s initiatives, majorly on monitoring government programs and mobilization through community awareness to better the service delivery in the Sub-region. It is an honour to be part of this interview with you. 

Akwam: Thank you.

Before you assumed this role, you were responsible for the Bazzukulu in Lango. How was it easy for you to talk to the youth, convince them to join the NRM party or support the projects and programs the government has in the sub-region?

Engaging with the youth in Lango has been a rewarding experience. We focused on highlighting the tangible benefits of NRM projects and programs, emphasizing empowerment and development, connecting with them on shared aspirations for a better future and involving them in the decision-making process to foster a sense of ownership and commitment to NRM initiatives. 

Building trust, active listening, and sharing their concerns to our Head Office to be addressed contributed to a positive response and support for both the party and government programs.

When you took office from your predecessor – Ceasar Obada, what were the strengths and weaknesses of the NRM and ONC in Lango and how deeply rooted were the messages?

Upon taking over from my predecessor, Mr. Ceasar Obada, I recognized the strengths and weaknesses in the NRM and ONC messages in Lango. On the strengths, the messages emphasized inclusivity, portraying NRM as a party for all Ugandans and fostering unity.

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On development focus, strong emphasis on development projects and initiatives, showcasing the government’s commitment to improving livelihoods of the community with programs like Emyooga, Youth livelihood, PDM, etc., which the community has limited knowledge of but reaching the grassroots and monitoring these projects, we are positive of the information sharing and good results.

Now, we have tailored messages to address local issues and concerns, making the party more relatable to the people in Lango.

Before I took over, the messages struggled to fully resonate with the youth; efforts were needed to enhance engagement and alignment with their interests. Further, there has been limited acknowledgement of challenges faced by the community, hindering a more empathetic connection.

Addressing these (the above) weaknesses while building on the strengths was crucial for refining the communications strategy in Lango.


What [more] have you managed to do or achieve within the few months after being promoted?

Within the few months since assuming the role, I initiated Stakeholder Engagements to strengthen various stakeholders, including community leaders, local authorities, and party members. This has been so informative.

On program awareness, I increased awareness of government programs and initiatives, ensuring that the community is well informed about the projects aimed at improving their well-being. The community needs to know the other side of the Party which is the service to the people. I tell you, our people lack information and we as ONC are here to bridge that gap.

With my team, we have enhanced efforts in mobilizing and engaging youth and women, aiming to involve them actively in NRM activities and garner support for government programs and the NRM party.

Streamlined coordination with different NRM structures is being made to ensure the effective implementation of the party’s goals and objectives in Lango.

We advocated for addressing specific challenges faced by the community, working towards practical solutions and emphasizing the benefits of NRM’s approach. These achievements lay the foundation for further progress and a more robust presence of the NRM in the Lango Sub-region.

There have been concerns in Lango that ONC Head – Hajjat Namyalo and the Secretariat are only concentrating in the West, Central and some parts of Eastern Uganda where they are giving donations and supporting youth and women initiatives. When are they coming to Lango?

The ONC, led by Hajjat Namyalo, operates on a comprehensive and structured timetable that ensures equitable attention to all regions across the country. The focus on the West, Central and some parts of Eastern regions at specific times is part of a strategic approach to address issues regionally and effectively engage with local communities.

This is because we believe in One, resource allocation: That efficient use of resources involves concentrating efforts in one region at a time to maximize impact and address key concerns.

Two, systematic outreach: A systematic approach allows for thorough engagement in each region, ensuring that ONC’s message and government programs are effectively communicated.

Third, regional sensitivity: Different regions may have distinct challenges, and addressing them requires focused and region-specific strategies.

Fourth, balanced representation: By rotating attention among regions, ONC ensures that every part of the country receives due consideration, fostering a sense of inclusivity and national representation.

In summary, the rotation of activities across regions is a deliberate and planned strategy to ensure that the ONC covers the entire country systematically while addressing diverse regional needs and concerns

In what key areas will youth in the Lango Sub-region be supported?

The support for youth in the Lango Sub-region will span across various key areas to enhance their empowerment and development. These areas may include economic empowerment. Implementing programs that provide financial support, training, and resources to help youth establish and grow their businesses.

Skills development, offering training and skill-building programs to equip youth with the necessary skills for employment or entrepreneurship.

We intend to support initiatives that improve access to quality education, scholarships, and educational resources to enhance youth academic achievements.

On youth leadership programs, we intend to provide platforms and training opportunities for youth to develop leadership skills, fostering their active participation in community and national development.

Health and well-being: Implementing health-related projects, including awareness campaigns, access to healthcare services, and initiatives promoting healthy lifestyles.

Sports and recreation: ONC will be supporting sports programs and recreational activities that contribute to the physical well-being and overall development of the youth.

Civic engagement: Encouraging youth participation in civic activities, community development projects, and political processes.

Networking and mentorship: Facilitating platforms for youth networking, mentorship programs, and exposure to successful individuals in various fields.

Innovation and technology: Promoting initiatives that harness the innovative potential of youth, including technology-driven projects and entrepreneurship in emerging industries.

Community development: Engaging youth in projects that contribute to the overall development of their communities, fostering a sense of responsibility and pride.

The support will be comprehensive, aiming to address the multifaceted needs and aspirations of the youth in the Lango Sub-region, enabling them to actively contribute to the growth and prosperity of their communities.

Early this year, I interviewed the National Unity Platform (NUP) party Coordinator for Lango Sub-region, Michael Adonyo who told me at that time there were over 400,000 NUP supporters in Lango. Do you have a record of how many youth support NRM in Lango?

In the whole of Lira district, NUP has only one councillor at the district council and another in Oyam. Now for them to claim 400,000 youth, Jesus Christ! This is interesting because these numbers should be evident with the number of leaders they have in the Sub-region, don’t you think? As for NRM, we have a fully constituted structure of youth which is 5 youths per village. I give you an example of Apac with 368 villages, when you multiply by 5, you get 1840. Oyam has 650 villages, multiply it by 5, and you get 3250 youths, etc. Leave alone the women’s structure and other leagues. What are these NUP guys talking about?

Currently, Lango is agitated and feels betrayed by the government and President Museveni in particular over Akii Bua Stadium not going to be constructed to host Afcon in 2027. Do you agree that this will affect NRM dominance in Lango?

The concerns regarding Akii Bua Stadium are understandable and may cause agitation in Lango, therefore, we want to stand with our people and inform them that the National Chairman’s office, led by Madam Hajjat Namyalo, is fully aware of the situation.

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We believe she will engage with the President to address these concerns and ensure that what rightfully belongs to Lango stays within the Sub-region. Our commitment remains to work for the interests and development of Lango under the guidance of the NRM party.

Working with the ONC and NRM Secretariats, how prepared are you to help them control Lango and regain or garner more support ahead of 2026?

As the ONC Coordinator for Lango Sub-region, we are fully committed to working collaboratively with the party Secretariat to strengthen our presence, engage with the community, and ensure effective communication of the party’s vision and achievements. 

We will focus on addressing concerns, supporting initiatives that benefit the people, and fostering unity. Through strategic planning, community involvement, and responsive leadership, we aim to build a strong foundation for the NRM in Lango and enhance support ahead of the 2026 elections.

Thank you so much Prossy for talking and sharing your views with us.

You’re welcome. 

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