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Terror threats: Full statement by North Kyoga Region – Lango

(Last Updated On: 8 December 2023)

Lira I The territorial police in North Kyoga Region under the Command of CP Obura Deo alerts the public on terror threats.

As you may be aware, we have time and again experienced threats of terrorism just like other countries around the globe, it’s in this context that we wish to remind members of the public that terrorism is a global threat and still exists.

Therefore, while in your areas of workplaces, travel places/along the ways, gathering areas/places of worship; e.g. churches, hospitals, health centres, mosques, taxi parks, bus parks; supermarkets, offices, disco halls; video halls, music clubs; hotels, restaurants, football pitches and residences, kindly be conscious of terror threats and acts of terrorism.

Managers of social gathering places are hereby advised to put in place security mechanisms such as the use of metal detectors, walk-through detectors, hand searches, etc., as part of ensuring safety. Ensure you keep vigilant and alert as a safety mechanism.

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Now that we have approached the festive season and children are back from schools for the holidays, members of the public will be trying to make ends meet, the criminals will also take advantage of this period to engage in criminal activities such as robbery, house-breaking and theft, circulation of fake currencies, motorcycle thefts, rape, increase in accidents; domestic violence, defilement, shop-breaking, etc.

There’s a need to step up our vigilance and alertness and cooperate with security through timely information sharing on our emergency call lines on the 999 or 122 system. Practice neighbourhood watch and report suspected person(s) or abandoned objects to relevant authorities for quick intervention.

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Remember, it’s the responsibility of all to keep safe from danger or crime. As police, we want to assure members of the public and build confidence that we are prepared to secure this festive season peacefully before, during and after.

We have strengthened our covert and overt capabilities through motorized and foot patrol, and joint intelligent-led operations as part of our readiness to secure this period.

CCTV camera command and the emergency call centre will be active 24/7 to monitor all corners of Lira-City, highways and other urban centres where cameras are installed.

All DPCs/OC Stations are directed to raise alertness through community policing and mobilization of other stakeholders in partnership with security agencies in terror threats management and securing this festive season.

We wish everyone a peaceful festive season.

SP Patrick Jimmy Okema

PRO – North Kyoga

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