24 February 2024


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Won Nyaci transition: Senior diplomat, Moto Julius Peter advises Owitong

Owitong of Lango are set to elect the new Paramount Chief (Won Nyaci) on January 31, 2024 amid disapproval by Won Nyaci Yosam Odur Ebii.
won nyaci

Amb. Julius Peter Moto. Courtesy photo.

Last Updated on: 7th December 2023, 03:40 pm


  • The Owitong of Lango are scheduled to elect the new Won Nyaci on January 31, 2024.
  • Won Nyaci Yosam Odur Ebii in his recent address, dissolved the Electoral Body and said he would still lead his subjects beyond January. 

Oyam I The Owitong (clan chiefs) should agree on a new system with some inbuilt automatic transition arrangements in a way that Won Nyaciship goes to the next most senior Awitong automatically.

For example, if the incumbent is indisposed, then to the next in their hierarchy or pecking order. They have to agree that the office is only for a specific period (say 2 to 5 years).

The Won Nyaci appoints his cabinet from the next 10 or so in the hierarchy. It’s understood in advance that the Prime Minister is replacing Won Nyaci, being the next senior Awitong. The institution is in a permanent state of renewal every 2 to, or 5 years.

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All Owitong know in advance that they will be Won Nyaci according to their seniority and in the cabinet as they learn the job and ascend to the top position with predictability.

Additionally, a specific time limit not exceeding 5 years is mooted. It entrenches the reality that the Won Nyaci and other office bearers to be appointed are just seniors among equals.

It can also help on issues of “cultural resource management” as a responsibility that all Owitong will share on a rotational basis and hopefully strengthen accountability to the Council of Owitong, among others.

All clans know they, too, will have the opportunity to lead. There is no need for any elections at all.

This would be the most cost-effective transition in our time. Elections rarely give good results because of bribery. Corruption is exercised in elections.

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That’s the way we do it in the Office of the Dean of Diplomats. The Dean of Diplomats is by seniority of presentation of letters of credentials to the host government. No bribery. No campaigns. No time wasted.

The advisor is the former High Commissioner of Uganda in London.

2 thoughts on “Won Nyaci transition: Senior diplomat, Moto Julius Peter advises Owitong

  1. How will those seniors be elected since there will be no election?

    2. If 5yrs has elaps bt we still see something productive in that won nyaci.will he be forced out forcefully?

    To me that cant work because
    1.everyone would want to become the seniors
    2.we will have mixed/polticised the culture and for your own information lango cultural foundation has failed cos of politic

    I rest my views

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