Anniversary Series, Aber P7@100 years: memories by Achieng Judith Bunga

(Last Updated On: 7 December 2023)

The 10th edition of The Anniversary Series, Aber P7@100 years is refreshing and exclusive.

Founded in 1923, Aber Primary School is scheduled to celebrate its 100 years of offering the utmost educational service to the people of Aber and beyond.

The celebrations will go on with Grand Fundraising on December 16, 2023.

To date, the school that is deeply rooted in divine faith and the commitment of various stakeholders has passed out thousands of pupils – many of whom are currently serving the country and the world in different capacities.

One of the old girls, Achieng Judith Bunga, today shares with us her story and memories.

I am a granddaughter to the late Jaggo (chief) Serugal Otim. The only Jaggo who introduced the (kal) millet brand in the whole Lango sub-region. The millet brand is called Serugal. It takes only eight months to be harvested.

He was a teacher at Aber Primary School between 1939 to 1941. My Parents are Bunga Patrick and Pheobe from Corner Aber who both studied at Aber Primary School.

We, the Bunga family, are proud to be the products of Aber Primary School and it’s the reason for who we are today. We all studied at Aber Primary School. (Otim Patrick, Achieng Judith; Okello Douglas, late Owiny Nickson; Atyang Susan and Achen Julieth).

I joined Aber Primary School in 1978 with my brother Otim Patrick. We had just returned from Kampala with our mother, the late Pheobe Bunga. We were received by Apwony (teacher) late Ayo JP and the Headmaster Mr. Amnon Okello.

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I remember the first time I saw Apwony JP cane a child. I took off from school for three days pretending to be sick, until my mother got to know the truth that I was not sick but fearing odoo (stick or canes). She brought me back to school and talked to JP about it and I continued with normal school.

I later joined Kitante Hill High School for my secondary education, then Uganda Management Institute for a Diploma in Public Procurement and Contract Management. I later earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Procurement and Supplies Chain Management.

During our time of studies, late President Idi Amin introduced the ‘studies timetable’ – where we would study from Monday to Thursday only. Friday was specifically for Muslims only – to pray, and this remained a public holiday until Amin was toppled.

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Only the upper classes would study on Saturday. This gave me and some other children time to clean the Church (puyoo Kanica) every Friday. So, my Christian journey started at Aber Primary School.

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Another memory I have was, Apwony Olwa. During his weekly duty, he would walk with a very long stick (otuuba species) for beating children and he had this slogan “LANGO MITO ABIIRO” – translated as “Lango deserves a club” and he would beat for real if you played around.

One bad thing that happened during our time of studies was, that I witnessed the fire that destroyed our traditional Church, St John Church of Uganda, Aber which was grass-thatched. Teachers’ quarters and three classrooms all grass thatched were all burnt down to ashes. I, other school children and some teachers who were around at that time tried to put off the fire but in vain, we watched the fire move from two of the teachers’ houses to three classrooms. All got burnt down.

 That day, I saw darkness hovering all over the Church and school compound. Everyone was in tears, everything at the Church came scrambling down. By then, the Church was at the school compound. Afterwards, the Church was moved to some classes which later housed Abdalla Anyuru Memorial College.

My favorite teachers were Apwony Erem (History), Apwony Pulicikira (English) and Apwong Ogik, the Algebra teacher. I over-disturbed Apwony Ogik on the topic of ‘I THINK OF A NUMBER’. 🤭

My OGs and OBs are Achiro Dorcas, Okabo Wilfred, Ameny George Olwa, Amongi Jane, and others.

We have a small WhatsApp group here in Kampala for Aber Primary OGs, we are like ten people so far. I hope to see Aber Primary School go to another Level.

God bless Aber Primary School.

Apwoyo (thanks).

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