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Restore respect for public service – UPC’s Muzeyi

(Last Updated On: 6 December 2023)

Kampala I Addressing a media conference in Kampala on Wednesday, December 6, UPC Head of Media and Communications, Faizo Muzeyi talked about three key issues.

Below are his words, and we start with the recruitment of teachers for new seed schools

The government has announced in advance the recruitment of 3,500 new teaching staff for the SEED Schools that are due to open up in a phased manner in addition to those in existence awaiting expansion.

The immediate target is for the refugee community that exerts too much pressure on the limited facilities available while at the same time, our local communities that are upgraded to the status of a Sub-county find themselves with no Secondary Schools.

This demands quick initiative and UPC calls upon the Government through her line Ministry of Education and Sports to extend the project of SEED Schools in such areas and/or across the country.

However, having SEED schools and recruitment of teachers alone is not enough to guarantee quality education service to our children as evidenced by the continued impasse in the education sector.

The party urges the government to fully engage teachers with their unions and work out reasonable conditions of service that will go a long way in retaining the manpower and its subsequent development through in-service training as well as ensuring the availability of necessary instructional materials in schools.

The recent negative experience of COVID-19 lockdowns proved the extent to which the teaching fraternity can be very much vulnerable and yet education is very key in the growth and development of any given economy globally.

UPC, therefore, calls for a holistic approach to shape our education system that will provide quality and equitable education service to our people in the country.

Restore respect for public service

As we speak, the country is in a tight corner and making frantic efforts to restore the Mpondwe Bridge that caved in and disrupted transport between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) thus putting the trade at a standstill. This follows other incidents and the bad state of our roads especially in the Capital City, Kampala and other areas across the country. Uganda, therefore, needs to renew total respect and satisfaction for public services and goods with immediate effect.

In most cases, the genesis of such incidents like the caving-in Mpondwe Bridge is merely a greedy and corrupt mind that opted to compromise on the basic infrastructure within the set-up for cheaper gains at the expense of the country, her citizenry and the immediate neighbour, DRC.

This should stop and restore respect for public service and good. The Government institutions that are charged with respective responsibilities are called upon to ensure diligent service with a patriotic heart.

There has also been a trend of plucking out metal parts from the bridge to sell as scrap by criminals over time. The same trend is affecting most of the newly upgraded roads in Kampala, street lights of solar type are under attack for their coveted batteries and we end up plunged into darkness. Manhole lids are vandalized too on a regular basis in some areas thus putting the lives of our people at risk.

UMEME has equally incurred heavy losses over such vandals who descend on pylons for scrap which disrupts electricity supply, loss of lives, and damage to property and business. Back in our residential areas, society is in tension with the very characters who roam around in the guise of picking up discarded bottles and scrap.

This rogue behaviour towards public service and good undermines our championing efforts towards the path for regional integration in the East African Community setup and should be rigorously fought by the responsible authorities which call for concerted efforts.

Bomb scare

Over the weekend, the country experienced another spate of bomb scares within Kampala city suburbs of Kabalagala and Nansana Municipality. This calls for a special degree of alertness, care and vigilance.

Not a long time ago, both the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK) Governments had strongly advised their citizens to be cautious of their movements in Uganda and where possible avoid congested places.

UPC encourages the government to consider borrowing a leaf from such terror alerts despite coming from external sources and tightening the loose ends.

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