James William Mugeni is currently based in the U.S

U.S. visa ban on Ugandan top officials inconsequential – says Mugeni

(Last Updated On: 5 December 2023)

Kampala | The U.S. government has amended its visa ban to include more Ugandan officials for taking part in undemocratic elections, corruption, and human rights abuse, among others. 

The announcement was made Tuesday, December 5, by the U.S. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken.

Click here to read Blinken’s full statement. However, since the first ban was announced, the Kampala administration is concerned but does not care.

Some Ugandans, both at home and outside, want President Joe Biden to stop wasting time by merely imposing a Visa ban.

James William Mugeni is one of those not moved by Biden’s action and criticises the relations between the United States of America and Uganda.

“It (Visa ban) is a false sense of security.  How do you ban people who don’t travel? Even if they travelled, what business do they do with the US?” US-based critic says.

“Pouring funds in proxy war into DRC, Somalia is the thing that must be stopped. The USA is guilty of developing a powerful army in Uganda. If they are not fighting in Congo, they are harassing Ugandans.”

The USA, Mugeni says originally branded terrorism and sold it to Uganda and Uganda remains yoked to the USA just by that.

“Why would a country whose people are most receptive year in and year out have terrorism tagged to them?” he asks.

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“Uganda has combat weapons on every citizen and training of militants who are dubbed LDUs to suppress everyone is the order of the day,” he tells tndNews.

“No value for money and corruption”

Meanwhile, Mugeni wants Americans to stop funding Uganda unless it can do away with corruption.

The U.S. is the biggest donor of humanitarian assistance to Uganda. They support emergency food and nutrition, medical care, water and response to GBV.

“The United States provides significant health and development assistance to Uganda, with a total assistance budget exceeding $950m per year,” the U.S. Department of State says.

In her book, “Is the West to Blame for the Agony of Uganda and its Neighbours” -Helen C. Epstein who is the visiting Prof. of Global Public Health and Human Rights at Bard College, New York and has been in Uganda, wrote:

“… roughly $20b worth of foreign aid poured into Uganda by donors has done little to improve the well-being of the Uganda people, whose rates of illiteracy, mortality and poverty surpass those of many neighbouring countries…

“.. money meant to pay for health care, education and other public services has instead been used by Museveni to shore up his power through patronage, brutality and terror.”

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