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Motorcycles impounded by traffic police in Arua City 

(Last Updated On: 2 December 2023)

Lira | Traffic Police across the country has intensified operations ahead of the festive season to reduce road crashes leading to the loss of lives. 

In Arua City, an operation was conducted on November 30. At least 30 motorcycles were impounded.

The purpose was to remind motorists to abide by traffic regulations to minimise crashes during the Christmas season, SSP Angucia Josephine, PRO of West Nile Region says.

These operations, she adds, started on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, and are running across the country up to Christmas time.

“Main targets are No Driving/riding licence and permits, expired driving/riding permits, out-of-class permits, and riders without helmets and reflector jackets. However, all those found contravening other traffic offences were equally arrested and their motorcycles impounded.

“Out of the 30 motorcycles impounded, 20 were issued tickets paid at the bank, 03 motorcycles were released as they belong to the security intelligence system, 07 motorcycles are still parked at Arua CBD yard pending fixing of side mirrors and payment of Express Penalty Tickets at the bank.

“As road traffic operations continue, we urge motorists to abide by traffic regulations in order not only to avoid inconveniences of arrests during operations but also to save lives and properties lost due to road accidents,” SSP Angucia Josephine appeals.

Uganda has the highest road crash figures in East Africa, multiple reports show.

In 2022, according to the Annual Crime Report by the Uganda Police Force, boda bodas were involved in 43 per cent of all road crashes, leading to 1,422 deaths and 401 injuries.

In the same year, January-September, 401 boda boda passengers died.

In general, 20,394 road crash cases were recorded in 2022 from 17,443 in 2021. According to the Police Report, out of every 100 crashes, 22 people died.

Sixty-one per cent of all road crashes were as a result of reckless driving.

By Denis Arao

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