Cancer run

Leaders worried about increasing cancer cases in Madi sub-region

(Last Updated On: 1 December 2023)

Adjumani | The surge in the number of cancer cases in the three districts of Adjumani, Obongi, and Moyo is worrying local leaders.

The three districts have jointly recorded more than 400 cases of cancer in the current year which attracted the attention of Rotary Club of Adjumani together with other partners to organize a cancer run.

The run was held over the weekend to mobile resources to support cancer patients.

According to Ms Vick Opia, a palliative care specialist in Adjumani, since 2020 to date, the district has recorded more than 400 cases of cancer.

“In 2020, there were 56 cases of cancer, in 2021, Adjumani recorded 88 cases, in 2022, there were 120 cases of cancer, and by the end of this current financial year 2023, the cases went up to 203 new cases. Where are we heading, when you look at this trend, cancer does not segregate, we in West Nile are third in leading cases of cancer in the country, that means our problems are real,” Opia said.

Opia further divulged that currently, four cancer patients in the district need special care but are unable to travel to Kampala to access the services, noting that they need the support of the public.

Dr William Anzo is the Obstetrician gynaecologist working in Moyo Hospital. He disclosed that every week he has been getting two new cases of cancer.

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“This year alone, I got two men with Penile cancer, and the majority of the cases that I see are of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer has become the leading killer among all cancer cases in the region,” Anzo said.

Mr Titus Jogo, the refugee desk officer for refugees in Adjumani expressed concern that the number of refugees screened with cancer is also on the increase, suggesting that there is a need for urgent action to curb the upsurge.

“The biggest number of people screened and found positive with cancer are refugees, we need to take precautions, this year alone we lost 5 people to cancer, three are our staff and two are spouses to our staff,” Jogo said.

The Rotary Club of Adjumani information officer Mr Richard Akuku AP, said the Rotary Club together with other partners initiated the cancer run because it has been claiming the lives of many people silently due to a lack of awareness and knowledge about cancer.

“Our goals of the cancer run are to raise awareness to the public by organizing a free screening for the public at no cost, organising public lectures, a health run of 8km and extending support to the cancer patients who need medical attention urgently.”

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Akuku said due to the burden of cancer in the region, the run will become an annual event that will rotate in the three districts of Madi.

“As Rotary, we are making a modest support to Cancer patients who need immediate medical attention in Kampala to facilitate their transport since there is no cancer facility in the region,” Akuku added.

According to the World Cancer Research Fund International report of 2020, there were an estimated 18.1 million cancer cases, 9.3 million cases among men and 8.5 million among women.


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