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Biyaya primary school grapples with high enrollment as it celebrates 90 years

Adjumani| Biyaya primary school, one of the government-aided primary schools, is grappling with a shortage of teachers, latrines, and classrooms as the school celebrates 90 years of its existence.

The school since 2016, as a result of the influx of refugees in the district, has been experiencing a continuous increase in the number of learners every year.

Currently, the school has an enrollment of 1662 pupils with 878 being girls and 784 boys.

The headteacher of the school, Mr James Makpe Atidri said the high enrollment is affecting teaching and learning outcomes due to the shortage of teachers, classrooms and latrines.

Makpe added, “The staffing is at 58%, the teacher-pupil ratio at the school now stands at 1:93 yet the recommended ratio is 1:53, the pupil classroom ratio is at 1:92, yet the national standard is 1:53 and the latrine stance ratio is 1:78 for boys (52%) and 1:87.8 for girls (40%).”

Makpe further revealed that the school needs 13 teachers, 13 more classrooms, 24 stances of latrines, 136 desks and an administrative block to address some of the challenges.

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According to the head teacher, the school has this year enrolled 244 urban refugees adding that the desk has gone to 1:4, yet the recommended one is 1:3.

The Bishop of Madi and West Nile Diocese, Rt Rev Charles Collins Andaku who was the main celebrant during the thanksgiving ceremony to celebrate the 90 years, appealed to parents, government representatives and implementing partners in the district to work together to address the pending challenges.

He also challenges parents and guidance to support the education of their children since education is the only key to holistic development.

“Continue supporting the PTA, continue supporting the school administration, protect the school, the school is for the community we should not abuse the learners, the school will continue to grow and produce future leaders,” Bishop Andaku said.

Mr Philip Akuku Kayakya the principal district education officer of Adjumani acknowledged that the challenges of classrooms, latrines, and teachers are common in the district, attributing it to the presence of refugees.

“The district has a gap of 275 classrooms, 6020 desks for learners, a gap of 483 staff houses, and a gap of 300 teachers to match the standards,” Akuku said.

He added that the district has a latrine shortage of 1724 stances and the standard ratio is 1 latrine to 96 learners, 1 desk for 8 children, and 1 classroom to 120 learners.

Biyaya Primary School was established as a church foundation under the church missionary society from England in 1933.

And by 1962 the government took over. By 1967 the school became a full primary seven and was made a model school in 1975.

The enrolment in the school in the last seven years has been steadily increasing as refugees continue to cross to the district.

In 2016 the school had 953 learners, in 2017 the number of learners dropped to 946, in 2018 the number again went up to 976.

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In 2019 the number again went up to 1264, it also increased to 1514 in 2020, in 2022 the number increased to 1758 and now this year it enrolled 1662 learners.


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