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Dr Opio Acuti says LPG to use “whatever is available” to unite warring MPs


  • Otuke County MP, Paul Omara insists he has nothing personal against Woman MP, Susan Abeja apart from their methods of work.
  • MP Omara has given signs of readiness to reconcile for the best interest of the Otuke people.

Lira I Kole North MP, Dr Samuel Opio Acuti says Lango needs all the four wheels to develop. He said this on Saturday, Nov., 25, in Okwongo Town Council when asked about what Lango Parliamentary Group is doing to mend the “lost working relationships” between Otuke County MP, Paul Omara and District Woman MP, Susan Abeja.

The Lango Parliamentary Group (LPG) Secretary General, Dr Opio, was among the MPs who attended a fundraising event organized by MP Omara to make funds available for Dero Amon SACCO.

Dero Amon SACCO aims to support the women of Otuke County by giving them funds to start or remain in business to improve their household incomes.

MPs from Lango, Acholi, West Nile; Eastern and Western Uganda including the Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja contributed shs60m cash and shs50m in pledges.

Below is a full statement by the LPG Secretary General

“We can never move on one wheel and as Lango Parliamentary Group we need all the four wheels. Omara is one of the wheels that are driving Lango Parliamentary Group forward, he’s on the budget committee and this is a very big role itself. Hon. Susan Abeja is also one of the wheels (she’s also in one of the committees on local government) helping to drive the Lango agenda forward. So we need all of them.

“The bickering that is taking place is something that is unfortunate and what is needed now is for the two teams to be brought together. I believe as Lango Parliamentary Group we did not know the scale but today we have understood the scale of the issues. Wherever we have gone we have actually got the feelers and the senses that there is a lot of bickering, there is a lot of disagreement, and there are issues. But you see, at the end of the day, we want to ensure that the people of Lango, the people of Otuke are the ones to benefit. This fundraising is for the people of Otuke, it’s not going to be for Omara Paul, it’s not going to be for Abeja Susan, you know. If the women benefit, Otuke benefits but if we fight each other then this is going to be a negative energy.

“So, as the leadership of Lango Parliamentary Group, we want to use whatever avenue available, first of all, to call upon them to come together and work for the best demands of the community. You have seen the roads, you have seen the health centres in Otuke he’s trying to work on, this is not a one-man effort, it has been a joint effort. You have seen the Ministers have been there, the DHO has been there, Members of Parliament have been there… so our commitments are really to do our best to see how to bring this warring faction together.

“What is also very surprising is that they all come from the same sub-county and they are the ones who host the President of this country. When the President is here he always says my MP is Hon. Paul Omara, my MP is Hon. Susan Abeja. It becomes very unfortunate if the No.1 of this country comes and he’s being hosted here by the MPs fighting each other. Baralegi is the centre, and remember that this is not just a State Lodge for Lango; it’s a State Lodge for Northern Uganda. When the President is here, this is where he meets leaders from Lango, leaders from Acholi, and leaders from Karamoja.

“The issue of cattle rustling was resolved here, the issue of livestock compensation was resolved here. So, to us, we have a very big interest in whatever happens in Otuke because when Otuke sneezes the whole of Lango catches a cold. If Otuke smiles, the whole of Lango smiles, if Otuke cries, then we cry. We all know that the issue of Akii Bua. If tomorrow the President comes and says he wants to meet the Lango leaders on the issue of Akii Bua at State House Baralegi and at the end of the day we find we are bickering each other we shall lose the opportunity. So, I think it is very, very important for very strategic reasons that the two parties need to come together and reconcile.

Secretary-General applauds women

“…we need to understand the setting in Lango; it is the women who are actually the breadwinners. We have so many homes where there are widows, we have so many homes where both parents are there but it’s the women who are taking the lead, it’s the women who plant the crops, it’s the women who harvest it, go and sell it and feed the family. So, investing in the women groups you are not only investing in the women, you are investing in the children, you are investing in the community, you are investing in the development, you are trying to assist in the areas of food security.

“We know that Lango is the food baskets but we have had incidences of drought, having this money given to them is going to help them.

“But we also know that these saving groups, especially under the Uganda Women Empowerment Programme are that women have shown the best recovery rates, the biggest repayment rates. If you look for example Kole district, the repayment is about 90 per cent. These are loans but they are able to pay and we have also seen it in Emyooga, women are actually better at paying back loans, and not only paying back they are also better at utilizing it for the betterment of their households because when you give a woman money you are not just giving her, but you are also giving a house, you are giving a community and they will definitely put it where it will serve its purposes. So, it’s a noble cause not only for Otuke but I think even for Lango as a whole because some of these women are going to trade in other districts in Lango and that is a benefit in itself.

Gen. Katumba Wamala ready

Speaking on Wednesday 22, in Okwang Town Council where he launched the upgrade of a 31km road, Works and Transport Minister Gen. Katumba Wamala pledged to invite MPs Omara and Abeja to reconciliation talks.

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