The Anniversary Series, Aber P7 @100 years: Susan Atyang Bunga (1984-1990)

(Last Updated On: 26 November 2023)

tndNewsThe Anniversary Series, Aber P7 @100 Years” continues to share stories and memories by former OBs and OGs of the school. The school, located in Akaka parish, Aber Sub-county in Oyam district will welcome thousands on December 16, 2023.

In this 6th edition of the Series, Susan Atyang – an OG shares her story:

My name is Susan Atyang, daughter to the late Mr. Patrick Bunga and the late Mrs. Phoebe Bunga from Corner Aber. Both my late parents went through Aber Primary School.

My best memory about the school: I studied in the grass-thatched Church that was located on the school compound before it got burnt and we were left stranded. The Church was later moved across the road where it’s currently located.

I joined Aber Primary in 1984. But before that, my late mother Mrs Phoebe Bunga (May she RIP) took me for a P1 interview and I was taken to Apwony Akona. I answered all questions excellently but my heart melted when he told me to put my right hand over my head and touch my left ear.

My right hand failed to touch my left ear and I became so desperate. I tried my level best to force at least one of my fingers to touch my ear, but to no avail and he calmly told my late mother that your daughter is still young, bring her back next year. I cried back home and refused to eat food that day.

However, I finally got enrolled in P1 in 1984 and excelled in PLE where I got first grade. I later joined Ikwera Girls and was transferred to St. Katherine in S 2. I’m proud to have my former Head Mistress, Hon. Beatrice Lagada who inspired and groomed me into who and what I am today.

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I later joined Katikamu SDA for my ‘A’ Level, then MUBS and Makerere University for my Bachelor’s Degree (Bcom) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and later I joined the Institute of Certified Public Accountants for CPA.

My favourite class teacher was Mr. Otira. He would come as early as 5 am with a torch, put math assignments full on both the front and back of the blackboards and would go back home.

Apwony Otira introduced the carrying of dry bones as a punishment for whoever would be caught speaking vernacular. It would be fun in the evening when they would start tracing how the bone moved and who had the bone by the end of the day.

Apwony Otira also introduced debate and we would laugh a lot but helped us gain confidence and learn how to express ourselves.

One tough teacher I remember is the late Mr. Hagard Atim. Whenever he would be on duty, there would be panic all over. He would demand us to report to school at 5 am. My late brother (Nickson Owiny) was the timekeeper so he would run to school at exactly 5 am to ring the bell and then go back home not knowing that Apwony Atim would be watching him through the window.

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We also had Apwony Irem who used to teach music. I still remember how he would make the upper classes repeat “do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do…. and viva viva la musici…” and the cultural dances like Ogwang owoto inam pe dong dwogo, yin iwoto neng neng I neko nga, kela wunu tong me cob kede…, among other songs.

What I enjoyed most was being an “office girl”. My role was to sweep the office and staff room. That exempted me from slashing the compound and I was admired by my peers.

Aber P7 played a very big role in shaping my career and making me what I am today. Up to this date, am proud of my humble beginning and I keep telling my colleagues that my village primary school shaped me into what I am today. Long live Aber P7.

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