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Key facts about Aber primary school as it marks 100 years of existence

(Last Updated On: 26 November 2023)

In the publication’s fourth edition of “The Anniversary Series: Aber P7 @100”, we bring out summarized facts about the school ahead of the December 16, 2023, main function.

In this edition, Gira Robert Anyuru and his publicity colleague Odongo Willy – two of the former OBs in the organizing committee delve into the school’s history and challenges facing the learning institution.

Aber primary
Co-author, Gira Robert.

Aber Primary School is a government-aided primary school located in Aber Sub-county in the Lango sub-region, Northern Uganda. It is situated 3.5 km South-east of Corner Kamdini and 2.5km South-west of Corner Atapara along the Lira-Kamdini highway.

Sitting on a 50-acre land, the school’s current enrollment is 1,614 pupils: 832 are boys and 782 girls. The current head teacher, Mr Apenyo Tom is the 23rd head teacher of the school.

It is worth noting that the colonial government of Uganda assumed control of the school in 1942. At present, the school is being run in partnership with the Church of Uganda, under the stewardship of St John Church of Uganda, Aber Archdeaconry in the Diocese of West Lango.


The school was established in 1923 by the Native Anglican Church. The school began at a subgrade level and used to have classes up to Primary six. With the change in Uganda’s education system, the Primary seven (P7 class) was added, hence acquiring the name Aber P 7 School.

Historic importance of the school

The rich history of the school is intertwined with the history of the Anglican Church in the Lango sub-region. In 1923, the school’s first head teacher was a Native Anglican Church lay reader called Erecinia Opito. He later became the first native Reverend Canon in the entire Lango sub-region.

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From the school’s inception and long afterwards, formal education was rare and far in between. The nearest primary schools to Aber Primary School were at the Sub-counties of Aboke, Aduku and Ibuje. In effect, the neighbouring schools were within a radius of 50 to 60km apart from each other.

Suffice it to say, that Aber Primary School is a mother school to a number of surrounding schools we see currently. Needless to mention, it was a midwife in the establishment of Abdalla Anyuru Memorial College, which is hardly a kilometre away.

Aber primary
One of the classroom blocks. Photo by Gira Robert.

Over the years, Aber Primary School has been producing some of the cream of citizens in Uganda’s social fabric. The alumni list boasts of names like the late Hon Abdalla Anyuru, the late Hon Dr Okullo Epak, Hon Beatrice Lagada, the late Specialist Surgeon Dr Parmenas Nelson Okwanga, Dr Lamo Jimmy, late Ambassador Dr Ebuk Moses, Justice Okoye Michael; Peter Acol Obura and late Wello Jackson Otim.

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Special education unit

In the year 2000, the Disability Unit was established at the school. This is the first and only unit of its kind in Oyam District. The establishment followed a survey that was carried out in the district.

Cases of epilepsy, asthma, positive living, and autism; sickle cell anaemia, hearing impairment, multiple disabilities, visual impairment and physical impairment were registered.

The pressing need for a special education institution was ascertained, prompting a partnership with World Vision Uganda, to establish the unit. Since 2000, the Unit has taken care of and produced dozens of learners – many of whom are now in the communities.


In the last few years, the academic fortunes of the school have not been commensurate with the school’s rich history. The ravages of civil wars that the country has undergone did not leave the school unaffected. More recently, the school bore the brunt of insurgency in northern Uganda.

Some structures in the school have been damaged by harsh weather conditions. A few classes have had their roofs blown off. The global Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic also dealt a blow to the school. The lack of decent staff houses has also handicapped the school.


Government interventions through entities like PAPSCA and the Northern Uganda Reconstruction Programme (NURP) have helped to some extent. However, the challenges facing the school, though daunting, are not insurmountable.

Reasons for celebration

The school is now 100 years old. Saturday, December 16, 2023, has been earmarked to celebrate the unique feat attained by the school. Our Guest of Honor will be His Excellency the President of Uganda, Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The theme for the celebration is: “Creating an Inclusive Environment for Excellence in Every Generation.”

Heading to that day, a number of activities have been lined up, including a Grand Fundraising.

Alumni of the school, well-wishers and the entire school fraternity have joined hands in this endeavour with a view to:

1) Raise funds to help the school improve its facilities. This will position it to meet the challenges of educating the 21st-century generation.

2) Inspire the new generation by recognizing and profiling prominent personalities who studied in the school.

We, therefore, on behalf of the school and organizing committee extend our warm invitation to well-wishers and the whole Lango community to join hands to support the centennial celebration.

To donate, kindly deposit your contribution in the PostBank with the following details: 

Bank Name: PostBank

A/C No: 2110067000010

A/C Name: Aber Primary School @100years 


Through the Treasurer on MM No: 0772319382 in the name of Kabagambe Patrick. For more, reach head teacher Mr Tom Apenyo on +256 772398615 or Mr Egwel David, +256 772852356.

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