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Anniversary Series, Aber P7@100: Recollection by James Yafesi Ogwang

(Last Updated On: 26 November 2023)

The late Mzee Yafesi Ogwang, my grandfather was born in about 1908. He was a priest and taught at the school probably in the 1930s to 1940s (not very sure of the exact date).  

My father, the late Wilson Angiro studied in Aber Primary School in the late 1940s or thereabout.

I do remember that the late Thomson Obonyo Anap, my uncle was a head teacher of the school from 2005 to June 2007 when he retired.

My sister, Loyce Abuk got married to Patrick Akena. She has been a teacher at Aber Primary School for about 10 years now. I did not study at the school because my father relocated from Corner Aber to Ocini in 1964 when he got a job with the then Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports.

I studied all my primary education at Atapara West Primary School. Otherwise, I would have studied at Aber Primary School.

After leaving teaching at the school, my grandfather relocated to Ocini and my father travelled from Ocini to Aber Primary School leaving Atapara which was just a Kilometer to the school. Why? I was told that being a Protestant, he would prefer to study at the Protestant-founded school. Many of such pupils like my father who were Protestant would trek the long journey together from Ocini to Aber.

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People like Olwa Wilson, the father to Ameny George would tell a story of how they would fight with Atapara Primary School pupils on their way to school. He narrated that had it not been for the effort of my father, he was going to discontinue his studies, he was a very small person, and other pupils studying at Atapara would easily fight him.

He (Wilson) was a soft target, he narrated. My father would fight back furiously to protect him, and they would continue to school.

My grandfather taught at the school during their time with Mzee Yeromia Odyek, Abuk Justina’s father and Apwony Nikanori Owiny of Aber, among others. Many learners went through him. I don’t know where he trained from.

While at the school, he planted a tree in front of the school along the road. The dry stamp exists up to now as I write.

He relocated to Ocini where he started a hide and skin business and later joined politics in the 1950s where he represented Aber Sub-county at Lango District Council in the 1960s. He later died in November 1979.

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My uncle while there, from 2005 to June 2007 emphasized discipline among learners and their academic performance greatly improved. Many pupils passed in first grade and Aber Primary School re-gained its past glory.

This school groomed my grandfather to be among the greatest politicians in the Lango sub-region at that time. It made my father work in civil service, my uncle retired from service from here and chaired a number of boards in Oyam District and my sister Loyce is still one of the best teachers of the school.

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