Olobo Odur

Olobo Odur: ‘Govt must not run away from Akii Bua Stadium’

(Last Updated On: 24 November 2023)

Apac | The government has been told not to deviate or run away from their original position of building Akii Bua Stadium in Lira because it will be one of the few assets the sub-region will have.

Specifically, Akii Bua Stadium, once constructed will be one sound development the government will have brought to Lango, according to Anthony Olobo Odur. 

Olobo is the son of the Lango Paramount Chief (Won Nyaci), Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii. 

“Lango is one tribe known for their love for sports and must be rewarded well going forward by the government and other stakeholders,” says Olobo, who contested for the Apac district chairperson’s seat in 2021 but lost. 

“The government must be able to balance their support without discrimination in terms of geographical ethnicity and political boundaries,” he adds. 

Olobo tells tndNews, “We (Lango) all pay taxes that support the government. So, the national cake must be shared equally and Uganda is bigger than all of us.” 

“The NRM should know that their regime will one day end and another one will come in yet Uganda remains intact and Lango will still be in Uganda as well. 

He notes that the challenge is also about Lango and they should blame themselves because they like intriguing among themselves even on issues that bring development in Lango

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“For instance, Lango have been fighting for long on religious leadership, political leadership and cultural leadership instead of uniting and speaking with one voice like other tribes to achieve what is good for our region in terms of development.

Asked if he thinks the disunity in Lango is bringing desperation and a call to have Akii Bua Stadium built, the 2026 political hopeful answered, “Yes, to some extent and that is what they should review and come up with a strategy that brings Lango to the limelight in terms of service delivery, accountability and respect for human dignity.”

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“We have had so many pending pledges from the government for years but not even 10% of them are seen. For example, the Airport construction at Anai, Lango Palace where the groundbreaking was done years ago by Minister of Northern Uganda Grace Freedom  Kwiyucwiny and the late Speaker of Parliament. No work seen on the ground, tourism sites in Lango and others.”

Lango has put pressure on the government after State Minister for Sports, Peter Ogwang announced that Akii Bua Stadium would be constructed in a phased manner and won’t host Afcon (matches) in 2027.

Two weeks ago, the leaders asked to have talks with President Museveni who has promised many times to have the stadium built.

The majority of Lango wants Akii Bua Stadium built to host Afcon.

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