TV sets and freezers  are not “Police” to keep your children at home —Mutyabule warns parents in Busoga

(Last Updated On: 23 November 2023)

Jinja I Gone are the days when parents would stock their family libraries with movies and music on DVDs of different kinds and fill fridges with crates of soft drinks under the mistaken belief of showing love and affection for the children to sit and enjoy during the holidays.

Senior Presidential Advisor on Poverty Alleviation for Busoga Mrs Florence Mutyabule notes with concern that quite a number of parents still think and believe that TVs and the freezes are their “police” to keep their children in safe custody in homes.

According to research, viewing movies with sex, violence drug abuse, adult themes and offensive language can have a negative effect on children and adolescents.

The experts also say older children and adolescents in most cases copy dangerous things they see in movies, meaning many movies are not appropriate for children.

However, there are also some benefits of watching TV and movies as they make the children feel good and relaxed while some have educational values that can deepen the learning.

In Busoga and many other regions, some parents send their children to go and spend the long holidays with their relatives and friends where they end up in tricky and risky situations.

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Data also show that a number of teenage pregnancies and girl child abuse take place during the long holiday, partly due to the laxity of parents to monitor the lifestyles of their children.

Mrs Florence Mutyabule now appeals to parents and guardians to jointly design workable practical and appropriate action plans that can keep the children not only busy but productive.

“…while it’s only natural and expected that you shower them with love, endeavour to engage the children to gain some new skills and knowledge during this period…,” she urged.

The former Mothers Union president under Busoga Diocese also stressed the importance of the involvement of fathers in the handling of the children as opposed to leaving the whole thing to only the mothers.

“…avoid internal contradictions in families where a father issues a statement only to be shot down by the mother, which sends a very wrong signal to the children who will take advantage to play the parents against each other…,” Mutyabule appealed.

The message comes as PLE and UCE candidates who have just concluded their UNEB examinations return home waiting for their UACE candidates to join them within the next one week.

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The former legislator also encouraged the parents to empower their children with relevant information to be assertive so that they can be assertive and avoid indecent advances from some irresponsible people.

“…this business of referring to every male as uncle and female as aunt has caused a lot of pain to families who discover later that they are the biggest culprits in abusing the innocent children…”, she warned.

Senior Presidential advisor has also called upon parents in Busoga to instill ethical spiritual and cultural values and norms in their children so that they grow to become useful citizens.

She regretted that some bright children who are now adults with reasonable credentials have failed to sustain their jobs and marriages because of a lack of discipline.

Mutyabule who described poverty as detestable asked parents to train their children in wealth creation through small projects which can be done when they are hardworking and enterprising as one way of alleviation of poverty so rampant in the region.

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