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Dr Kizza Besigye exposes Star Times Uganda in ‘subscriptions scam’

(Last Updated On: 21 November 2023)

Kampala I Star Times Uganda is one of the media, entertainment and pay-TV companies in Uganda. According to it, they are the leading digital TV operator in Africa, serving nearly 10 million subscribers.

According to Advanced Television, in 2021, it said the China-backed pay-TV reached 400 Ugandan villages.

Although it is cheap in terms of bouquet subscription, some Star Times Uganda’s subscribers have accused the company of “stopping the service before the expiry day, poor signal and mean customer care officers”, among others.

To prove the above complaints, Uganda’s opposition kingpin, Dr Kizza Besigye has accused Star Times Uganda, writing on X as below:

“On 19th Oct we paid for svcs of Star Times Uganda but by 20th Oct, the svc wasn’t on yet: so, more money was paid and svc commenced.

“Today, 20th Nov, we’re required to renew subscription again! This has happened on other occasions. Rectify this and please style up.”

Star Times Uganda

Star Times Uganda has declined to comment on the matter when asked.

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