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Tekwaro Lango accepts Mzee Odur Ebii’s ‘wisdom’ as they await fresh election  

(Last Updated On: 10 November 2023)

Lira I On November 5, 2023, at least 120 clan leaders from both Tekwaro Lango and Lango Cultural Foundation assembled at Margarita Palace Hotel in Lira City where they agreed on how to unite and bring peace back to Lango sub-region.  

Twenty-seven (27) clan leaders (Owitong) did not attend that important meeting but sent in their apologies, according to the official meeting document, tndNews has got a copy.

The meeting, among other things, saw the clan leaders from both factions agreeing to promote unity, and peace, including electing the new Paramount Chief (Won Nyaci) next year.

In their second resolution, they agreed: “Won Nyaci Eng Dr Moses Odongo Okune has heartily accepted with all his team to bow down for peace and unity and Won Nyaci Yosam Odur Ebii of Lango Cultural Foundation should come out publicly to welcome this gesture by Eng Dr Michael Okune and his team if peace and unity should continue.”

The stepping down by Eng Dr Michael Odongo Okune as the parallel Won Nyaci was welcomed by State Minister for Gender and Culture Affairs, Peace Regis Mutuuzo.

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Shortly after the joint council meeting of the Owitong ended, the Prime Minister of Tekwaro Lango, George Ojwang Opota addressed Reporters. He said that Tekwaro Lango and its leader had agreed to step down.

tndNews brings you what the Premier said. Note: The publication intentionally preferred to partly edit Opota’s post-meeting statement. 

“…well, we have been in that faction –they talked of faction for quite a number of years and today we have come together as Lango clan leaders. It has not been easy coming together like this. Well, it has been a process. “Eng. Dr Moses Michael Odongo Okune has been leading us as the Paramount Chief and quite a number of consultations took place from a small number to a very large number and we have sat in quite a number of consultations and we have reached to this time today.

“Well, we have now reached this time because already the Paramount Chief – Outgoing (Adwong Yosam Odur Ebii) has now come out with the roadmap saying that he will now exit the leadership of Lango Cultural Institution and we were approached to bring peace in Lango.

“After them coming out with the roadmap, we were consulted. We got a lot of wisdom in that consultation and that is when we are saying we are going to heed to that decision of coming together.

“Eng. Dr Michael Moses Odongo Okune is aware that he was elected by us the clan leaders in Lango sub-region and we installed him. But for the purpose of harmonizing both camps and coming together, well, we say there is no problem coming together since already, we had elected him.

“But because of what is on the ground, we thought of really saying that if the ground is levelled we have no problem, he can come and contest again to be the Paramount Chief in Lango here, and we have made a lot of wide consultations and the clan leaders in Lango have already one idea that they need peace in Lango here, and he was approached.

“And as I talk now, he has accepted that we all come and have that peace together and he has accepted to come and start contesting a fresh. We have no problem if the ground is levelled and already we had quite a number of consultations as I mentioned earlier. In the last consultation with over 147 clan leaders, we came out with those 21 resolutions which today as clan leaders in Lango sub-region as agreed together to move together.

“And now the nitty-gritty will be followed, we have no problem. Eng Dr Moses Michael Odongo Okune will come and contest to be the Paramount Chief which I’m aware he will win with a very wide margin – landslide because Lango already (by the way), I’m not even anticipating going to election.

“Moving this direction, him getting out (because already the electoral commission has been set and they will do their part), for the purposes of peace in Lango I don’t think there is any Awitong (because for you to qualify to be the Paramount Chief you have to be an Awitong). I don’t think there is any Awitong that will come out. Well, if he’s there, let him come but I expect for the purpose of peace is to let Eng Dr Michael Odongo Okune – which is almost the consensus by the Owitong that they will have to vote and we have no problem.

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“This meeting today has been one of the best because all the Owitong from both sides have attended and resolved together that we have to move together. We are happy and we wish the Lord God should continue leading us to move together, we are happy with that – thank you so much.”

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