Exclusive: Why Obada Caesar was fired by ONC boss

(Last Updated On: 15 November 2023)


Lira I Reasons have emerged as to why the Office of the National Chairman (ONC) of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party head Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye fired Obada Caesar.

Obada was fired about two weeks ago as the ONC coordinator for the Lango sub-region and replaced by his junior – Prossy Langol. Until her upgrade, Langol was the head of Bazzukulu (grandchildren) of President Museveni in Lango sub-region. She was under Obada.

After losing his job which he was earning from close to shs1.5m per month, Obada went into social media rants – exposing his successor and questioning Namyalo. He questioned why he would be dismissed via a social media message and why – of all people – it was Langol to succeed him.

He went tribal with some questioning his integrity and leadership qualities. Some social media users said because of his tribal gush – alluding that Langol was a non-Lango – he would never have any favour left for him.

Although his dismissal comes with a new-downgraded role at ONC – as head of the Bazzukulus in Lango, he will be earning less than shs500, 000 per month.

tndNews has acquired exclusive reasons why he was fired. All the accusations (reasons) highlighted below, tndNews understands were before the ONC Head from which her decision came.

According to sources, Caesar had become an extortionist. A new case emerged in which he was accused by one of the primary school head teachers in Lango. After going to this school, it was alleged he asked for a bribe. Once the bribe (money) was given, he promised never to go ahead to expose the school to higher authorities.

He was also accused of swindling his juniors’ facilitation cash. The most prominent one was during the Oyam North MP by-election in which the NRM candidate lost to the UPC candidate.

It has emerged that he ‘ate’ close to shs1m and could not account for it when asked to do so. Obada was also accused of revealing the ONC’s core and covert plans to friends – some of whom are not NRM. Findings placed before Namyalo indicate that he would say “anything at his wish when he has gone blotto”.

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“He loves partying which is okay but too much of it is bad for us (the party). We have got reports and photos of him dressed in ONC wears and bottles of beer showcased. While we don’t say our staff must not drink, he was extreme,” an aide to Namyalo told this publication last week.

The same aide said Caesar was frequently neglecting his duty post for Kampala. “From the Capital City, he would write his report, uncoordinated from what his junior would. We feel he was not ready to be on the ground (in Lango) for the agreed period. But of course, he was free to be anywhere due to other tasks he had outside the ONC.”

Illegal recruitment also led to his downfall. ONC was briefed that he was recruiting people from villages to act as village bazzukulus. This exercise has been termed “illegal and against the ONC policy”. Apart from recruiting them, some of the recruits started demanding their pay and facilitations by calling the ONC Secretariat directly after their boss went silent on the same.

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“He has also been promoting politics of intrigue, becoming tribal and you know our national chairman and the President including our boss (Hajjat) are hard on this. Above all, he lied several times and on verification, some of the ‘facts’ in his reports were inaccurate.”

“He really did not protect his job, he failed to coordinate,” one of the Bazzukulus in Lira City who asked to remain anonymous said.

Who’s he accusing of his job loss?

This publication has exclusively obtained evidence in which he’s accusing the NRM Secretary General Mr Richard Todwong of his termination. He claims that Mr Todwong – on the instruction of his nemeses directed Hajjat Namyalo to fire him.

“It is baseless, it is concocted. ONC does not get orders from the NRM Secretariat to fire its staff because we have our own HR policy. The two entities are working closely to ensure that the NRM party is vibrant and pro-people. One of the ways to do it was the creation of ‘ONC Coordinators’ across the country,” the ONC Secretariat said when asked if Mr Todwong played a role in Obada’s job loss.

The digital publication could not hear from Obada on the newest comment he could have but a few days ago, he said he was not ready to hand over anything ONC gave him during the appointment.


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