Akena ‘exposes’ Museveni in Lango West: read what his comrades also said

Amolatar I As hundreds of locals left their homes to welcome and listen to him – Jimmy James Michael Akena has told Lango leaders to emulate the good politics played by the late army officer, Brig Opon Acak. 

The UPC leader, Akena who also doubles as the Lira City East MP on Saturday, November 4, 2023, met the Congress supporters in Namasale, Amolatar district.

Akena is building his momentum and home backing as he prepares to run for President in 2026.

His first stopover was at Namasale primary school, Namasale town council where he started by giving his position as a member of UPC. Akena said they (UPC) have certain beliefs and norms which the party believes are best for Ugandans.

He added that their goal as UPC is to make sure that these beliefs and norms are “heard in Uganda”.

Giving his message to the people of Namasale, Akena decried the army’s actions on the fishing community of Namasale who use Lake Kyoga to get a living. “It is God who gave the resource in Lake Kyoga for us to use and benefit and grow ourselves in a social-economic way.

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Akena also said that the national resources are meant to be used to the benefit of the citizens and to develop manpower. The Lira City East MP believes that the Ugandan government has a mandate to invest in its important assets.

It’s upon this that Akena challenged President Museveni to provide other money-making ventures if no fishing activities are allowed on Lake Kyoga.

“If you don’t want people to fish, you must give them other skills from where they can earn a living and support their families,” said Akena.

“And therefore, we have to challenge this position that without developing our manpower and without giving opportunity to our young talent, we do not want them to be productive. That is not acceptable,” Akena added.

While at Chakwara parish, Etam Town Council, Kyoga County, Amolatar district, he laid a wreath on the grave of the late Brig. Smith Opon Acak. Akena called upon leaders to emulate the late Acak, describing him “as a great son of Amolatar who served Uganda without shame or favour”.

“This should be a lesson to all of us who are involved in active politics. There are times when politics becomes so dirty that even lives are lost. So, if you are not prepared to embrace politics, then you need to step down,” Akena emphasized.

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“I as Akena have made a decision, whatever the cost, however hard the journey is, I’m going ahead with my mission. And am not going with guns, I am using my brain,” Akena added.

According to Akena, his position is to look for a future for every citizen of Uganda instead of talking about other political parties or political personalities that are worthless to the Ugandans. He says the journey he and the UPC party have started is a journey of ideas that can make the country better.

“I have come to Amolatar to tell you that we have started a journey of a better Uganda and together we can achieve. I cannot do this alone, I need your support so that we work for the future that all of us can enjoy.”

On the same day, he called upon all the sons of the soil who were able and ready to sacrifice for their people, those who are selfless to join the struggle, urging his UPC comrades to handle their politics with respect since they have the ideas and good track records.

One of the sons of the late President Dr Apollo Milton Obote, Akena said the people of Uganda need them (UPC) to organize themselves and make Uganda the best country for everyone.

What other leaders have said

Agnes Atim Apea, the Woman Member of Parliament, Amolatar district called upon leaders from Lango sub-region to work together and see that all those who played a role in the previous governments are honoured with medals, houses among others, just like other personalities from the other regions are acknowledged.

The LC5 chairman of Amolatar Geoffrey Ocen Kiring said that the people of Lango must drum massive support towards Akena since for a long now; people in Lango sub-region have been voting for other candidates from other regions.

“This time, we the people of Lango must rally and vote Akena Jimmy as party president for UPC and in 2026 instead of voting for other presidential candidates outside our region,” said Ocen.

Moses Okot Junior Bitek, MP of Kyoga County in Amolater district tasked and challenged UPC leader Akena to keep to his pledge and also stick to his presidential bid as he traverses Lango sub-region.

In a significant political announcement, Akena, while in Apac Boma grounds officially declared his candidacy for the presidency in the forthcoming elections.

He voiced his concerns about the state of service delivery in Uganda, particularly in areas of healthcare and education. He expressed disappointment in the government’s failure to provide essential medical supplies to healthcare facilities, highlighting a need for substantial improvements.

So far, in Lango, Akena’s presidential bid for 2026 has garnered support from a handful of Members of Parliament and District Chairpersons affiliated to the UPC party.

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