Pakwach: 7 leaders arrested for defaulting and mismanaging Emyooga funds

(Last Updated On: 2 November 2023)

Pakwach | Seven Emyooga leaders have been arrested in Pakwach, RDC Paul Eseru confirms.

The RDC reveals on Thursday that the seven leaders were arrested for defaulting and the mismanagement of Emyooga funds.

“These leaders are from Jonam Constituency Local Leaders Emyooga SACCO,” he says.

“In 2021, the SACCO leadership withdrew shs20 million from their account which had shs50 million.

The money,  Eseru says was not appropriately disbursed to the members. “This has greatly affected the loan recovery,” he tells tndNews on Thursday.

Out of the shs20 million disbursed in 2021, only shs5,292,500 has been recovered, and shs14,707,500 has been defaulted.

Attempts to have meetings with these local leaders have been in vain since the leaders keep dodging meetings called by the Office of the RDC.

According to the RDC, the SACCO leadership has failed to submit their books for audit, they have also failed to convene an AGM.

The SACCO has not been recommended for permanent registration, prompting the Office of the RDC who is also the Chairperson of Emyooga in the district to cause the arrest of the leaders.

Those in custody include Ocama Francis, District Chairperson of Local Leaders SACCO). He’s being demanded shs1 million, according to available records.

Others are from Pakwach sub-county and they include Opio Peter who is wanted to pay shs850,000, Angeyo Santy Rose shs870,000; Rubanga Emmy shs480,000, Obote Avuni Michael shs650,000), Owinji William shs900,000 and Olum Jamtho shs255,500.

“I’ve been begging these people to come for meetings and they deliberately ignored. I appeal to all Emyooga defaulters from all SACCOs to immediately clear all their outstanding balances to zero since the time for romancing them is over,” RDC Eseru announces.

“Most of these fellas are responsible for the death of other livelihood projects such as Youth Livelihood Project (YLP), UWEP, NUSAF, Enable Youth, among others.”

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