The Athanasious Beekunda family: “Thanks for your support and decent sendoff of Mama Beatrice”

(Last Updated On: 31 October 2023)

Mitooma | On October 25, 2023, Mrs Beatrice Beekunda of Nyakishojwa Central, Mitooma District passed on. 

Born on April 6, 1952, Beatrice was a mother, to among other children, Edwin Atukunda Beekunda, the Founder and Director of the Edwin Foundation Tea Initiative (EFOTI). EFOTI is a private company promoting tea farming and tea value chain in Western and Northern Uganda.

Mrs Beatrice Beekunda died a happy and joyful mother who believed in prayers and her God.

On October 27, she was laid to rest by hundreds of mourners from Mitooma and outside and today – on behalf of the family of Athanasious Beekunda, Edwin Atukunda conveys a vote of thanks to whoever contributed to her burial and made time to condole with the bereaved families.

“We would like to thank everyone who supported us spiritually, physically, financially but in a special way we appreciate the following.

tndNews family for spreading the news. Thanks also go to Hon. Rtd General Kahinda Otafire, Captain Kahonda, Ruhinda South.

Dr Protazio Begumisa Ndorwa East, Dr, Captain Muhereza Barnabas, Ruhinda North.

Dr Rabon Tumuhimbise, Kawanda Research; Dr Saba of Kitagata Hospital,

Dr Umar Beekunda of Guava Clinics. Dr Asiimwe Kigoma and Hon Captain Ruhweiju.

The management and staff of Mitooma People’s SACCO, thank you. The management and staff of Memic SACCO, thank you.

Mulefu family, Kanterine family, Kahetsi family and Rutabareba family, thank you.

We cannot forget about the Voice of Ruhinda FM. All groups where mummy Beatrice Beekunda was a member, we thank you for standing with us.

All family members, relatives and friends. All religious leaders led by the Parish Priest of Ryakahimbi Catholic Church.

The NAADS family represented Madam Olga and Mr Emmanuel.

Eastern Uganda team of the Mzee Buruma family led by Mummy Angelina Agutu.

Business community and friends led by Eng Katurebe Evaristo, Martin and Kabogoza.

Rukiga family, Bazigaba family led by Hon Harbert Bushoberwa

Kasese family of Dr Umar Beekunda. Dubai family led by Glory Beekunda.

EFOTI Ltd teamed by Nick Beekunda and Muko Matsiko

Ugas team led by Emmanuel Mangeni, and the family of Ambassador Israel Mangeni from Namayingo district.

The Mbarara family led by Gaspa Karoza, Director of Mukama Niwamanya Investment. Rukungiri family led by Bwoma Tea factory Directors. Isingiro family led by Dr Musinguzi and Mr Spreto Twahika.

Kamwenge family led by Hon. Loy Mwesigwa.

Zombo Tea farmers led by The Prime Minister of the Alur Kingdom.

Acholi Tea farmers led by the Minister of Planning and Finance.

Kamwenge Tea farmers.

Journey Faith ministries.

Families, friends and inlaws during the send off of Mrs Beatrice Beekunda.

Wison Hamwenda family in South Africa; Bukinda family led by Master Kibuka Ambrose. Ruhinda North family, Kijumo family Muslim community and Kizinda team led by Eng. Martin. The Kyamuhunga family led by Richard Kahetsi.

Mitooma District local government leaders led by Hon Kapota. Kitagata Hospital team led by Mayor Kataryebwa. Kitagata Hot Spring team led by Dr Charles.

Nyakishojwa central: This is where we belong. Members contributed more than 50% of the send-off budget and this made it easy to manage thousands of people who gathered to celebrate Mukyara Beatrice Beekunda’s life.

Rest in Peace, Mummy 💔🙏💔🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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