Why woman killed tender-aged daughters and buried them inside house

(Last Updated On: 31 October 2023)

Jinja | In what can be concluded as outright child sacrifice, a Jinja City-based traditional healer has killed her two young daughters and buried their bodies inside their residential house.

The incident, clearly a crime, which has left everyone flabbergasted, was committed by Rose Musubika who is also known as Musuyi Nabudowa, 27 years of age.

Reports tndNews has got say Musubika killed her three-year-old China Nabirye and six months old Claire Switina and buried their bodies inside their two-roomed house located at Buwagi Cell, Naigazi, Budondo in Northern Division, Jinja City.

Budondo is a semi-urban area with one of the most fertile soils in the country where most of the crops like potatoes, cassava, maize, beans and fruits like jackfruit, mangoes, and improved passion fruits that feed the city dwellers and beyond are produced.

Musubika and her husband identified as Paul Kagoda also known as Kyagulanyi are traditional healers who use mediums in a shrine to execute their duties.

According to local sources (residents), at the time of the crime, Kagoda who is younger than the wife by four years had travelled to Bukunja in the neighbouring Buikwe district about 14 days ago for some duties related to their trade.

While away, Kagoda commonly known as Kyagulanyi always tried to be in constant communication with the wife while seeking the welfare of the two children.

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It was reported he was communicating using the phone of a friend back at home who has been identified as Gerald Ngono who would take the phone to the wife of Kyagulanyi and could also talk to the children.

The wife now turned prime suspect did not own a phone on the orders of her ghost.

However, sources said a few days before the shocking news, efforts by Kyagulanyi to talk to the children were futile as the wife at first claimed they had gone to their grandparent’s place.

After insistence, Musubika broke the bombshell news that the ghost of Lake Victoria, locally called Nalubale in Lusoga descended on her and ordered that she kill the children as the password to the eradication of poverty in Busoga, which she obeyed without query since it was ‘an order from above’.

Laughably, Rose said the ghost of Nalubale (which in fact is herself) ordered her to traverse the entire Busoga and Uganda as a whole to look for the most powerful shrine where she can get trillions of money to be used in fighting poverty so rampant in the region.

She has openly dismissed and decampaigned the highly publicized government-funded PDM money as something incapable of lifting the people of Busoga out of poverty.

Ironically, anybody who sets an eye on Rose, sees the real definition of poverty, an emaciated and shabby-looking human being whom you don’t need any explanation about her nutrition and general welfare.

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She went ahead to bury the innocent children inside their unfinished residential two-roomed house.

After getting a tip from his friend Ngono, the panic and grief-stricken Kyagulanyi rushed back and confirmed the shocking tragedy but Rose was not around.

The floor’s appearance proved his suspicion that in deed the unthinkable had happened to his lovely and beautiful daughters courtesy of their mother’s superstitious character.

After uncovering the soil, the tearful Kagoda touched the decomposing head of one of the children.

He rushed to the nearby Budondo Police Station to report the matter.

The police swung into action and arrested Rose from her parent’s home located in Ibungu East, a short distance from her marital home.

By press time, a team of detectives including the scene of crime officers (SOCOs) had cordoned off the building which is now a crime scene waiting for a court order to exhume the bodies and take samples and other exhibits to the Government Analytical Laboratory (GAL) situated at Wandageya in Kampala.


Ingredients on the Menu of Detectives.

Detectives will now get phone printouts of the father of the dead children and his friend, Gerald.

The police will also try to establish whether Kagoda was suspicious of the wife and to find out whether he was not part of the crime.

Why was he always calling the wife and wanting to talk to the children? Was the act of calling a mere cover-up or suspicion? If he was suspicious, why did he take about two weeks away, knowing that anything could happen?

To escape the gallows, Rose will have to produce the Nalubale ghost to testify before the courts of law where she is going to be charged with murder, a capital offence, which carries a maximum of the death penalty, upon conviction.

What does the Police say?

The Kiira Regional Spokesperson James Mubi has confirmed the incident, warning that faith-related issues should not be misused to kill but to preserve and promote life.

Mubi, whose face is decorated with smiles upon his recent promotion as Superintend of Police (SP), away from ASP, says the police will soon embark on an operation to crack down on all people with traditional shrines in the region as one way of averting such unfortunate incidents.

He also said the seemingly unremorseful suspect will be subjected to a thorough medical checkup with the best psychiatrists to establish the state of her mental stability.

The last child sacrifice case that was successfully prosecuted in the Kiira Region which comprises CPS Jinja, Kakira, Buwenge, Budondo, Bugembe and Mafubira was committed on September 30, 2021, when self-styled Pastor Joseph Serubiri of Deliverance and Healing Ministries based in Kakira trafficked the child of their landlord Trinity Zabella, 4 years and killed her.

The errant pastor and wife Felista Namaganda are currently serving life imprisonment for murder and 30 years for aggravated child trafficking.

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