High ranking Police officer dismissed and charged with rape 

(Last Updated On: 13 November 2023)

Buyende | The Territorial Police in Busoga North and Buyende district has dismissed a Deputy Inspector of Police Balikowa Godfrey, the incharge CID at Namusita police post.

He was dismissed from the force for scandalous behaviour and charged with rape of a 30-year-old housewife.

The victim is from Kalambo village, Ndolwe sub-county, says SCP Enanga Fred, the Police spokesperson, adding that she had gone to report a case of domestic violence against her husband, Odere Ronald.

This was on October 12, 2023, at around 11 am.

“A team of 3 police officers went to her home to arrest her husband, but they did not find him at home. The victim feared to return to her home until the husband was arrested.

“At around 6:30 pm, the officer asked the victim to be with him, since he had found a place for her to sleep. He instead drove her to his home in Nakabira police barracks, bought her food and drinks, and afterwards sexually assaulted her, on two occasions.

“In the morning, at around 9 am, he dropped the victim near Namusita police post and promised to arrest her husband,” Enanga adds.

During day time, the victim’s husband, Odere Ronald was arrested, and a statement was recorded from him. “The victim reported her second case of rape at the region and the suspect was arrested.

“We wish to warn all female victims/suspects at police to be extra cautious when dealing with officers of the opposite sex. The victim was vulnerable, when the suspect took him into his room, and conducted himself in a scandalous manner, by sexually assaulting her.”

According to Enanga, as Police, they strongly condemn such acts of abuse of authority by a few bad elements in the force.

“We continue to maintain our zero tolerance against acts of sexual violence against vulnerable women. The suspect is to be arraigned in court for rape.”


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