Regional League: Lira City Council FC, Elite FC set the ball rolling on match day one

(Last Updated On: 23 October 2023)

Lira I Lira City Council FC and Elite FC were able to set the ball rolling on Saturday, October 21, at Lango College playgrounds. It was match day one of the Northern Regional League, season 2023/24.

The derby game ended in a one-all draw. The League’s newcomer Elite FC found the back of the net earlier before LCC FC levelled up towards the end of the match.

LCC FC missed joining FUFA Big League competitions last season in a play-off against Nwoya-based team Young Elephant FC. The latter got promoted to FUFA Big League where they are sitting at the bottom of the table. They have lost all four matches.

Also, on Sunday, October 22, former Big League side Northern Gateway SC started the season away from home against Kwania United at UCC Aduku playground. The hosts were beaten 4:0.

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All games of matchday one started at 3 p.m. except the game between Saviors FC and Amati FC which ended 2:1 in favor of Amati FC. It was an early kickoff match (10:00 a.m.) at Akii-Bua Stadium.

At 4 p.m., a FUFA Big League encounter between Blacks Power and Kigezi FC was played at Akii Bua Stadium. It ended Blacks Power 1:0 Kigezi FC.

Northern Regional League 2023/24 results on match day one

Rhino Group I Saturday
Ft’ Lira City Council FC 1:1 Elite FC

Sunday, Oct. 22, 2023

Ft’ Bright Stars FC 1:2 Red Devo FC

Ft’ Kwania United  FC 0:4 Northern  Gateway SA

Ft’ Nile Villa FC 0:0 SC Tawai

Ft’ Saviour FC 1:2 Amati FC

Elephant Group I Sunday
Ft’ Credo FC 0:1 Gulu City Council FC

Ft’ Homeland FC 3:1 Rwotker  SA

FT’ Kalongo United  FC 1:0 Tanzania FC

Ft’ National Youth SA 2:1 Super Eagles

Ft’ One Heart United  FC 3:2 Patongo United

By Regina Lalam Olal

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