Locals in Pader sub-county decry shortages of anti-malarial drugs 

(Last Updated On: 21 October 2023)

In brief, Pader | Pader sub-county in Pader district is grappling with shortages of anti-malarial drugs, a local leader has confirmed. 

One of the locals from Tyer parish only identified as Onyac, says the Village Health Teams (VHTs) are no longer carrying out anti-malarial drugs after running out of stock.

This is affecting the lives of the locals negatively since the drugs are too expensive, he adds.

According to Onyac, intervention from the district leaders on the drug uncertainties could be of great help.

While responding to the concern, Justin Ocen, the Pader district health secretary who doubles as the LC 5 vice chairperson confirmed the drug shortage.

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“It is not only in Pader sub-county because the National Medical Stores were yet to supply the drugs,” Ocen says.

He, however, reveals that the delivery was made on October 28.

Uganda carries 5 per cent of the malaria burden in Africa, with a 1.7 million increase in cases between 2019 and 2021.

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The average economic loss to malaria in Uganda annually is over shs. 1.8trillion.

By Regina Lalam Olal

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