Usalama kwa wote – Karamoja: 27,000 warriors arrested, 1,015 guns recovered 

(Last Updated On: 17 October 2023)

News-in-Brief, Moroto | 3 Division of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) has issued an update concerning its personnel’s operation to pacify Karamoja sub-region from wrongdoings. 

Under operation “Usalama kwa wote”, the UPDF through its 3 Division Acting Public Information Officer (PIO) Major Moses Amuya has issued successes from October 7-13, 2023.

Between this period, he said 5 guns were recovered from warriors, including 35 ammunition.

Further, 143 warriors or suspects were arrested. None was prosecuted.

Twenty-nine (29) cattle were recovered.

Overall achievements since July 13, 2021, when operation Usalama Kwa Wote was launched

Guns recovered from warriors to date are 1,015 and a total of 7,180 ammunition.

Warriors arrested are 27,270. Those prosecuted by the Division Court Martial are 1,410.

Suspects handled through civil courts, according to Maj Amuya, are 1,481.

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A total of 40,409 livestock (cattle, goats, sheep and donkeys) have been recovered


Major Amuya says 106 were cows reportedly stolen by the warriors. One civilian has since been killed by warriors, including one who was injured by warriors.

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