Foreign tourists, Ugandan driver killed by suspected terrorists

(Last Updated On: 18 October 2023)

Kasese | Two foreign tourists and their Ugandan driver are dead after terrorists attacked them in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kasese district on Tuesday. 

The tourist van, Reg. No. UBF 303C carrying them was later set on fire.

Uganda Police spokesperson Fred Enanga issued an update shortly after the crime.

“We have registered a cowardly terrorist attack on two foreign tourists and a Ugandan in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

“The three were killed, and their safari vehicle burnt. Our joint forces responded immediately upon receiving the information and are aggressively pursuing the suspected ADF rebels. We express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims.”

Two of the deceased have been identified as David Burlow James (British national) and Eric Alayi, a Ugandan.

The deadly attack on October 17, comes less than a week after a truck carrying onions and traders was burnt at night. At least three occupants were killed.

That incident happened at least 12km from the DRC border near Bwera in Kasese.

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On October 15, President Museveni called on Ugandans to be vigilant following that deadly ambush by the ADF terrorists.

Ugandans, especially the Bazzukulu.


This is to inform you that yesterday, the 14th of October, 2023, our fighter-bombers paid a visit to the ADF terrorists at 4 different points. These points were at: 72kms, 120kms, 69kms and 130kms from the border on the Bundibugyo-Semiliki side. It seems quite a number of terrorists were killed.

As a consequence, the terrorists are running from Congo which they thought was heaven and re-entering Uganda and trying to commit some random terrorist acts.

The attack on a truck carrying onions to the market across the border in Congo the other day, 12kms from the border near Bweera, Kasese, may have been by such elements.

The Public is, therefore, alerted to look out for strange People that come to your area. Report them to the Police that are nearest to you. Even relatives that have been away for a long time and suddenly return. They may be part of the terrorists. 

More details on the attacks on tourists follow. 

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