Poll shows Dr Aceng ahead of Amongi

(Last Updated On: 16 October 2023)

Lira | A strawpoll running for two days has put the incumbent Lira City Woman MP, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero ahead. 

Final results made public on Sunday show Dr Aceng, also the Minister of Health got 357 votes, representing 55.35 per cent.

Betty Amongi, the Oyam South MP, who is eyeing the Lira City Woman MP seat, obtained 288 votes, representing 44.65 per cent.

A total of 645 people participated in the poll.

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Whereas this poll has registered “low” participation, one of the staunch supporters of the incumbent MP when asked said: “We are okay with it. It is about popularity, right? No one should be scared our MP (Dr Aceng) will lose in 2026.”

“Poll like this indicates the wider public view by a few people,” the supporter adds.

For more than four months now, Betty Amongi who is also the Gender Minister has shifted her representative responsibilities from Oyam South to Lira City where she and her promoters have vowed to remove MP Aceng in 2026.

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She’s currently using proxies who are giving out loans to groups in the name of “uplifting their economic statuses”.

As a result, in some parts of Oyam South, those who have been voting for her feel betrayed.

“It is clear Oyam South was not in her plan. The money she is giving out in Lira City should have been taken to Oyam, where she has people’s mandates,” says James Okello, an Oyam South voter living in Lira City.

“I don’t think she will win in Oyam South if she made a U-turn,” he adds.

MP Aceng is not scared, according to her response when asked by tndNews a few months back.

Last month, on Voice of Lango Radio, Amongi said she’s ready to compete with her “in-laws” in Lira City, a statement widely conceived she’s quitting rural politics.

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