Mutyabule tells leaders presidential  initiative on youth skilling a crucial tool to alleviate poverty

(Last Updated On: 2 October 2023)

Jinja | The issue of youth skilling should be taken seriously by every leader and people of Busoga as one way of empowering households to join the money economy and fight poverty so rampant in the region.

Senior Presidential Advisor on Poverty Alleviation in Busoga Florence Mutyabule says the youth are the pillars of the country, hence the need to refocus more resources and efforts to make them productive and responsible.

She also explains the importance of promoting technical and vocational training as well as developing other skills, which the youth need to have to meaningfully contribute and succeed in today’s competitive and changing world.

Mutyabule, who is wife to George William Mutyabule, the speaker Busoga Lukiiko, warns parents and the youth against undermining certain vocational skills as being for academic failures.

Describing such a mentality as ‘archaic and misleading’, Mutyabule justifies her statement by saying it’s the reason the NRM government under the visionary leadership of President Yoweri Museveni came out with a comprehensive youth programme.

“…that’s why we have to do everything to ensure the success of the Presidential Initiative for Skilling the Boy/Girl Child to be equipped with essential and relevant skills for self-sustenance…,” Mutyabule stressed.

The initiative is meant to offer comprehensive training in various skills like weaving, knitting, tailoring, bakery techniques and shoe making, among others, sponsored by State House.

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It’s being implemented in more than nine different centres/zones where vulnerable girls and boys attend the training for six months after which each is issued a certificate of completion.

This is contained in her congratulatory message to the people of her native Busoga who join the rest of the country to celebrate the 61st Independence Anniversary marked on 9th October every year.

Uganda gained her independence on 9th October 1962 from the United Kingdom (British) who colonised Uganda for 68 years with the Queen as head of State.

This year’s celebrations are under the theme: “Sustaining A United and Progressive Nation: Taking Charge of Our Future as a Free Nation” and the national venue is at Kitgum District Farm Institute Grounds.

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The former head teacher-turned-politician pointed out that Uganda’s independence can only be meaningfully celebrated when the citizens enjoy economic independence.

“…so as we prepare to celebrate the day when the chain of bondage was broken and power handed over to the indigenous citizens, let’s work hard to fight poverty and enjoy the fruits of our independence…,” she encouraged.

Mutyabule also used the occasion to caution the people against some harmful and negative practices and beliefs like gender-based violence, early marriage, drunkenness and substance abuse among the youth that undermine community peace and tranquillity.

During Uganda’s independence festivities, which is known as Uhuru (Swahili word for freedom) in Northern Uganda, many traditional and contemporary activities like music, dances, and poems, among others, are planned to entertain citizens. 

Some so many children are now men with the name Uhuru because they were born either on 9th October or around the time when Uganda got its independence.

In the past, men would buy new clothes for their wives and children as well as meat and rice while different groups would spend the day drinking and merrymaking with shops and markets closed.

However, this has changed a lot as many people faced with socio-economic challenges do not see any sense in going for celebrations and have always continued with their normal daily activities.

4 thoughts on “Mutyabule tells leaders presidential  initiative on youth skilling a crucial tool to alleviate poverty

  1. It’s very true that youths must put more emphasis on the vocational skills and knowledge to be able to create than seeking jobs.

  2. Yeah, what Mrs Mutyabule has said is very true. we need to promote technical and vocational trainings most especially in secondary schools to eradicate poverty among the youth but this System of looking for white color jobs which are not there , they end up getting frustrated.

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