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We should not ignore nature, city planning needs urgent attention 

(Last Updated On: 28 September 2023)

Kampala | Kampala and the rest of the country have had heavy downpours of rain.

But one that stood out more devastating last week was that some sections of roads were cut off by floods and key office buildings were not accessible, yet this was a one-day rain.

Imagine if it had gone on much longer, loss of lives could have been registered as well as damage to our property since even cars were being carried away due to the intensity of running water.

UPC takes note of the fact that while we are busy promoting rapid urbanization and related infrastructure development, we should not ignore nature. 

The leading water channels and catchment areas in Kampala have been invaded for human settlement. In most cases, no new water channels have been created. 

This makes water get stuck and upon finding an outlet, its flow is very fast and damaging with high erosive power.

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UPC is advising Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to go on the ground as quickly as possible and study the water flow in Kampala. 

Any delays may cause a lot of problems. Most of the pit latrines in the city are being washed away. 

Some city tenants take advantage of the rains to throw in all sorts of refuse which causes blockage. These situations are a recipe for cholera, malaria and typhoid which spread like bushfires.

 The public should access better facilities and services because it is relatively cheaper to prevent diseases than to go for treatment.

All in all, the public should be involved in keeping our cities habitable. Hygiene at the household level is very much instrumental, cities are not places for rearing of animals as we usually see livestock moving on its own up and down in different towns thus causing all sorts of confusion and accidents. 

The roads get more damaged and potholes are enlarged. This demands more resources for repairs. 

UPC is signaling early warning bells not only for Kampala City but to the rest of the country which calls for urgent attention to City planning that should implemented.

For God and My Country

Muzeyi Faizo, head of media and communications

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