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Somaliland veteran Abdi Adan to Museveni – “Our sovereignty with Somalia not negotiable”

(Last Updated On: 24 September 2023)

Hargesia, (Kampala) I Talks over no secession and a need for Somaliland and Somalia to be merged have produced virulent comments from some Somalilanders – with commenters calling for the immediate actions on their envoy Dr Jama Musse.

Dr Musse met President Museveni at State House, Entebbe on Saturday, September 23, and the duo talked trade, and reuniting the Horn of Africa nations, among others.

But, on secession which President Museveni described as “wrong”, a Somaliland veteran campaigner, Abdikarim Abdi Adan has spoken to tndNews, expressing his concern, and responding to statements issued in the name of H.E. Yoweri Museveni of Uganda– offering to mediate in Somalia-Somaliland reunion.

Adan has described the gesture as “a recipe for disaster”.

“Somalia is a shattered country associated with chaos, conflict and piracy, host to an Islamist terrorist group as described by a senior US military figure last year as ‘the largest, wealthiest and most lethal al-Qaeda affiliate in the world’,” he said.

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Abdi Adan says His Excellency Yoweri Museveni of Uganda “is fully aware on April 2022, the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to endorse the African Union’s new transitional mission in Somalia and authorized it to take action against al-Qaeda and armed groups allied to the ISIL (ISIS), as well as to conduct a phased handover of security responsibilities to Somalia’s government”.

The UN subsequently, he says, voted to replace the AU Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), which has been in the Horn of Africa nation for over 30 years trying to build lasting peace and security.

“With the AU Transitional Mission in Somalia (ATMIS), Somaliland Republic is not part and parcel of having in its territory UN /African Forces including those from Somalia and largely remains peaceful.

“Britain granted independence to Uganda in 1962 and The Republic of Somaliland then Somaliland Protectorate on 26th June 1960 and Italy granted Somalia independence on 1st July 1960,” Adam reminds Museveni.

“Your Excellency President Yoweri Museveni, kindly support the “AU Fact-finding Mission to Somaliland 2005 Recommendations” and bring it to the attention of the African Union Heads of State.

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As a British East African nation, the veteran campaigner adds, “We stood side by side in the defense of our liberty and have gained our Independence respectfully, it’s time for Uganda, Your Excellency President Yoweri Museveni to visit Somaliland – walk in the  streets of Somaliland Capital of Hargesia without Security Guards that is Somaliland not part of the failed state of Somalia.”

“Somaliland is not part of Somalia, its Sovereignty is not negotiable and it’s enshrined in our Somaliland Constitution.

“Somaliland is a nation in control of its destination, that is, its territory, land, Sea and Air with its own Parliament, passport, coastguard, currency; armed forces, Judiciary and Council of Ministers headed by elected President, the fifth President of Somaliland.

“For 30 years, the African Union Civilian Officials and AU Transitional Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) have not participated in any activities whatsoever in the Republic of Somaliland.

“Your Excellency President Yoweri Museveni, like your Uganda Members of Parliament, dispatch your Ministers for a fact-finding mission to the Republic of Somaliland and will discover Somaliland as the “best-kept secret in Africa”.

“As for bilateral trade and cultural and Parliamentary Diplomacy, we welcome to further strengthen our existing links with your Parliament, educational institutions and youth groups. There is so much we can learn from others as a nation.

“Your Excellency President Yoweri Museveni, read about our history and you will be a wiser African leader,” Adan recommends.

One thought on “Somaliland veteran Abdi Adan to Museveni – “Our sovereignty with Somalia not negotiable”

  1. I was in Somaliland for two years lecturing at Admas and New Generation Universities in 2011 -2013 before I left. The Country is very peaceful, joining with Somalia is like mixing water and oil. I would therefore recommend they maintain their current status for peace in the horn of Africa. Our President being a Pan African, he would route for unity of the 3 Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland

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