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Accounting officers, CEOs of state-owned enterprises issued BCC for fy2024/25

Kampala | The accounting officers (PSs, CAOs, and Town Clerks) of government institutions and CEOs of state-owned enterprises and public corporations have been issued the first Budget Call Circular (BCC) to prepare budget framework papers and preliminary budget estimates for financial year 2024/2025.

In his communication to the accounting officers, Deputy Secretary to the Treasury, Patrick Ocailap, on behalf of the Permanent Secretary and Secretary Ramadan Ggoobi said the ultimate goal of the Budget Strategy for FY 2024/25 is to accelerate economic growth to at least 7 per cent. 

The preliminary resource envelope for the financial year 2024/25 is UGX52.723 trillion.

The policy and administrative guidelines for FY 2024/25 demand that all Accounting Officers must ensure that they allocate resources to Vote’s critical activities and items prone to virements and supplementary requests.

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Two, Accounting Officers should adhere to the government policy of tax-inclusive planning and budgeting.

“The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development is awaiting the final report on a special payroll audit from the Office of the Auditor General upon which wage allocations and ceilings for FY 2024/25 will be based in addition to other parameters,” said Ocailap, adding: “Votes will continue to recruit staff on replacement basis.”

The government, he said, is finalising plans for construction of a government campus at Bwebajja to accommodate all government institutions that are currently renting. 

“The Development Committee will no longer consider any new project proposals for construction of office buildings. Local governments’ indicative planning figures (IPFs) for FY 2024/25 for all programs as generated off the Online Transfer Information Management System (OTIMS) are now ready and should be used in preparation of Local government budget framework papers for FY 2024/25,” he added. 

According to Ocailap, “No administrative units will be created in financial year 2024/25 as earlier advised.”

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“As you prepare your BFPs for FY 2024/25, you should align your priorities to the Budget Strategy FY 2024/25, and adhere to the guidelines stipulated in this Circular,” guided Ocailap.

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