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Private and public CCTV installations, usage across Lango ordered for assessment  

(Last Updated On: 16 September 2023)

Lira | The territorial command of North Kyoga Region has been directed by the Regional Police Commander CP Deo Obura to inspect all public and private premises to assess their level of CCTV usage.

The directive is in line with a recent directive issued by President Museveni during his address to the nation on security and other matters of national importance. 

Gen (rtd) Museveni directed that places like the House of God and lodging facilities must ensure customers and worshippers present identity cards before they are let in. 

Now, his juniors in the armed forces are awake – with those in bigger ranks also directing their juniors to take action for the safety of the population following recent terror threats across Kampala Metropolitan Policing areas and some upcountry districts mainly regional cities.

TND News understands that the ICT Directorate has dispatched a CCTV technical team to join their regional team to inspect designated public and private premises. 

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Key to be assessed are government installations, transport terminals, worship centres; recreation facilities, restaurants, bars and nightclubs/pubs, markets; fuel stations, supermarkets, schools and hospitals.

CP Obura says the “exercise will strengthen all our stakeholders on best CCTV practices to counter terror threats and ensure alertness as well as enhance partnership with stakeholders to leverage social camera connection to police cameras to in turn support investigations”.

Obura also advised stakeholders to now set CCTV monitoring rooms that will be manned 24/7, install a communication system in the CCTV monitoring room, and install a CCTV system that can automatically record incidences and retain footage for at least 3 months (90 days of storage capacity), install access control devices alongside the CCTV cameras. 

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He has directed the teams to ensure proper camera position for better coverage and to check on camera status daily.

“As police, curbing crimes in our areas remains a collective responsibility as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda Article 212 and 17,” Obura said. 

He further called upon proprietors of private and government institutions to cooperate with the Police force at all times and endeavour to report any suspicious items or persons in their areas of business or residence to security for quick response.

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